Community and Belonging

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Repository

Welcome to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Online Repository. In this space, you will find resources across multiple media types and formats representing and celebrating different identities and experiences. As a Division, we are committed to renewing and updating this repository on a regular basis to ensure that we consistently value, celebrate, and center those who have been systematically marginalized. Please feel free to return to this page as this is a living document that invites not only witnesses but active participants. Note that these resources have been shared with Community & Belonging by Nazareth faculty and staff. For questions contact

Universal DEI Resources


Race & Ethnicity


Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation

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Kacey Christiansen
Lori Cramer
Ilka Datig
Lisa Durant-Jones
Ana Gomez Parga
Nicole Juersivich
Bishal Karna
Olajiwon McCadney
Emily Pelkowski
Esperanza Roncero
Anastasia Tahou