Community and Belonging

Equitable Spaces

Courses to inspire and prepare changemakers.

Equitable Spaces is a collaboration between Academic Affairs and Community & Belonging. These are one-credit course offerings that:

  • Engage students in critical practices and discussions about privilege, inclusivity, and difference
  • Address the social and cultural inequalities impacting the United States and/or global systems

Four Equitable Spaces (EQS) courses are offered each semester.

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Love and accept us all
Nicole Engel, posing outside, took an Equitable Spaces course

"I want to see a world in which each child has hope for their future — that they truly believe that the possibilities are endless, and that because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. they don't have additional challenges or roadblocks.

"I think that the first step towards change making is looking at yourself. Recognize your own privilege;  recognize your own challenges. This (Equitable Spaces) class really let me explore my own identity and that is critical to know how you can best help others."

Nicole Engel '24, who works with students at School 9 through Nazareth's Partners for Learning, took Antiracism in Community Engaged Learning.