Alumni Program Supports Admissions

Most Nazareth alumni say that if they could do it all over again, they would still attend Nazareth College. The Nazareth Alumni Admissions Program (NAAP) offers alumni an opportunity to play an active role in the recruitment of new Nazareth students. How? By connecting alumni directly with potential students in their local areas. The goal is to educate these students about Nazareth College as one of their options for higher education.

Program participants have numerous ways to contribute their help and expertise. For example, provided with the latest recruitment materials, volunteers can attend college fairs, participate in the annual letter writing program, contact prospective students via phone or email, visit local high schools, encourage campus tours, or refer qualified students from their areas to Nazareth.

“Alumni are our most valuable resource,” explains Donna Borgus ’13G, director of alumni relations. “They are some of the College’s best recruiters because they are able to share their personal Nazareth stories with prospective students.”

students at commencement

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