Councils and Committees

Board of Trustees Committee

The Board of Trustees Community and Belonging Committee reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to the College’s continuous strategic efforts regarding: (i) development, implementation, and assessment of systematic plans to attract and retain more historically underrepresented students, faculty, and staff; (ii) development of educational initiatives for students, faculty, and staff about diversity and inclusion; and (iii) attention to the intersecting issues of retention and campus climate such that the environment is more supportive and inclusive of students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds.

Committee members 2020-2021

Advisory Council

The Community and Belonging Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President to advance and engage in a continual and intentional process of education, critical self-reflection and dialogue regarding privilege, power, and marginalization, promoting greater access and inclusion through systematic and structural change, and ensuring that all students, faculty, and staff reach their fullest potential individually and collectively in order to advance a community of belonging.

Council members 2020-2021

Diversity in the Curriculum Task Force

The Diversity in the Curriculum Task Force has been charged with developing a strategy with deliverable outcomes to integrate diversity and inclusion into the curriculum and create on-going opportunities to develop scholarship and pedagogical practices that advance diversity and inclusion.

Task force members 2020-2021