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Many alumni keep in touch, sharing their adventures and success as they tackle all sorts of careers.

Recent Graduates

Lauren Beikirch, BM'14, (music education)
Elementary string teacher at Victor Central School, New York.

Lindsay Bronnenkant, BM'14, (music education)
Full-time band director at the Aquinas Institute and the University of Rochester Athletic Bands.

Suzanne Grant, BM'14, (music education)
Pursuing saxophone performance at the New England Conservatory.

Kristina Knowles , BM'12, (music theory)
Music Theory, Ph.D. student, Northwestern University

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Stephanie Kawzenuk, MT-BC '11, BM (music therapy with music education certification)
Music Therapy graduate student, University of Miami

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Michael Boerner, BM'11, (music theory and music education)
Music History and Music Theory Graduate Student, Stony Brook University

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Kari Kohanski, BM '11 (music education)
Kari is teaching 6th and 8th grade general music, K/1st general music, and team teaching 6th grade choir at the Fairport School District.

Erin Smith, BA '12 (music)
Musicology graduate student, University of Maryland

Ashley Villone, BS '12 (music/business)
Music business graduate student, NYU

Elaine Vuong, BM '12 (music therapy)
Music therapy graduate student, Florida State University

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Alumni Spotlights

    Anthony Bisbano "The Prayer"
    News and Events
    May 12th
    Nathan Frink is an adjunct faculty at the University of Pittsburgh. As a performer he has collaborated with artists like: David Murray, Rasul Siddik, and Bobby Few.
    May 11th
    Anthony Bisbano just finished his newest recording of The Prayer. This arrangement was premiered with the RPO in December, 2014. The musicians are a mix of Nazareth students, Eastman students, RPO musicians, and music educators around Rochester. Both …
    April 13th
    Lauren Beikirch, BM'14, (music education) is an elementary string teacher at Victor Central School in Victor, New York.   Lindsay Bronnenkant, BM'14, (music education) is a full-time band director at the Aquinas Institute and the …

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