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Music Scoring Partnership with RIT

Industry, Music, Film, Animation, Video: A partnership connecting student filmmakers, animators and video game designers with composers, preparing the next generation of visual and audio creators.

Each Nazareth University composition student is supported by the Nazareth music composition faculty as they work through the process of collaborating with an RIT filmmaker, animator, or video game designer. Both the student composer and student filmmaker will learn how to communicate in a collaborative professional environment, work with professional recording and film equipment in syncing music with film, and engage in each other's process to the extent necessary, exemplifying a professional experience.

A timeline will be designed for students at both institutions for the semester and/or year-long process culminating with the final work premiering at the RIT Showcase at the end of the spring semester.

  • Jon Kruger, Project Coordinator
  • Dave Sluberski, Technical and Artistic Sound Coordinator
  • Dave Rivello, Eastman School, Eastman Coordinator
  • Robert Lavaque, University of Rochester Coordinator
  • Octavio Vazquez, Nazareth University Coordinator


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