School of Music

Studio Recitals Fall 2019


Day Date Time Hall Recital (click on link for program submission) Faculty Coordinator Music
FR Oct. 11


WH Voice 1 Hannigan 9/13  
 TU Oct. 15 12:10 WH Fall Senior Honors
Recital Audition
Ertl  9/17  
TH Oct. 17 12:10 A71 Senior Recital and Soph. Qualifying Scheduling Ertl
TH Oct. 17 12:10  WH Saxophone 1 Eda Marllng 9/19  Rhee
FR Oct. 18 2:30  WH Voice 2 Hannigan 9/20  TBA
FR Oct. 18 4  WH String 1 (Hult) Strelau 9/20  Cheung
TU Oct. 22 12:10  WH Voice 3 Hannigan N/A  N/A
TH Oct. 24  12:10  WH Guitar   Carlin 9/26  NA
 FR Oct. 25 2:30  WH  Tuba/Euphonium/Tromb Stoner*/Zugelder 9/27 Nitsch
TU Oct. 29  12:10  WH Horn/Bassoon Wolf*/Koster 10/1 Nitsch
TH Oct. 31 12:10  WH Percussion Shiner McGuire N/A N/A
FR Nov. 1 2:30  WH Voice 4 Hannigan 10/4 TBA
FR Nov. 1 4  WH String 2 
Strelau 10/4 Lin
TU Nov. 5 12:10  WH Clarinet/Oboe Bacon*/Ricker 10/8 Nitsch
TH Nov. 7 12:10  WH Piano 1 Ertl N/A  
FR Nov. 8 2:30 WH Voice 5 (Freshmen) Hannigan 10/8 Rhee/students
TU Nov. 12 12:10 WH Trumpet 1 Corvington 10/15 Nitsch
TH Nov. 14 12:10 WH Flute 1 Farrington*/Roth 10/17 Nitsch
FR Nov. 15 2:30 WH Saxophone 2 Eda Marling 10/18 Rhee
FR  Nov. 15 4 WH String 4 (Vardanyan)  Strelau  10/18 Rhee
FR  Nov. 15 7:30 WH  Strings 3 (cello/harp)  Strelau  10/18  Arahata
TU  Nov. 19 12:10 WH Piano 2 Ertl N/A  
TH Nov. 21 12:10 WH Flute 2  Farrington*/Roth 10/24 Nitsch
FR  Nov. 22 2:30 WH Voice 6 Hannigan 10/25 TBA
FR Nov. 22 4 WH Composition Vasquez N/A N/A
TU Nov. 26 12:10 WH Trumpet 2 Corvington 10/29 Nitsch
TU Dec. 3 12:10 WH  Honors Auditions Ertl 11/1  
WE Dec. 4 7 WH Chamber Players Nitsch N/A  
TH Dec 5 12:10  WH  Honors Auditions  Ertl  11/1  
 FR  Dec 6  2:30  WH  Chamber Music  Chase/Strelau  N/A  

Remember the following policies and make sure to read the “Collaborative Piano Policies” on the School of Music webpage.

  1. Studio recital performances are reserved for music majors on their primary instrument only (students registered for MUP 1 only)
  2. The School of Music provides collaborative pianists for Studio Recitals. The School funds only the following rehearsal times:
    • Vocalists—one half hour
    • Instrumentalists – one hour
  3. Collaborative pianists must receive music by the due date indicated. Collaborative pianists will not be expected to play for students if music is late, and may decline or charge the student an additional fee.
  4. Students must contact their assigned collaborative pianist to schedule rehearsals at least two weeks before their studio recital date or any performance. Students are required to rehearse with their assigned pianist. If a student fails to contact their assigned pianist two weeks in advance, the pianist reserves the right to decline to perform, or charge the student an additional fee for last minute rehearsal scheduling.
  5. Students performing Honors Recitals, Sophomore Qualifying Recitals, and Senior Recitals are not required to perform on a Studio Recital. Student teachers do not perform on studio recitals.
  6. Small Ensembles should participate in the Studio Recital only on a space available basis.
  7. All programs must be submitted by the designated faculty coordinator to music publicity ten working days prior to the recital date. (
  8. Studio recitals are not live-streamed. However, a link to the video recording will be sent to your applied studio teachers within 10 days of your recital.

Contact Information for Collaborative Pianists:

Dr. Kevin Nitsch –
Dr. Sarah Rhee-Tirré –
Dr. Yi-Wen Chang –
Nathan Cheung –
Yuechen Xiao –
Gerta Wiemer –