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Are you eager to be immersed in a foreign culture? Where every day is a new adventure? And where the people you meet, the places you visit, and the culture you encounter change your way of thinking? Nazareth's study abroad programs in 25 countries around the world will help you find your direction academically, professionally, and personally.

Our faculty and staff will help you find a study abroad program that works for you to ensure that your time overseas is educational, culturally expansive, and enjoyable. Experience hands-on learning within your major, gain valuable career skills with an international internship, complete your student teaching requirement abroad, or participate in an international service-learning program.

Whatever direction you choose, your study abroad experience will be filled with memorable experiences and life-long friends that will remain a part of you forever. Ready to get started? Click the banners below to explore your options.


Does studying abroad cost extra money?
Can my major study abroad?
I only speak English - can I still go abroad?
When should I study abroad?
What courses can I take?
Are there internships available?
How do I apply for a passport?
Do I need a visa?
What are my housing options?
Can I travel while abroad?
Can I study abroad through a non-Nazareth program?


The number of Nazareth faculty, staff, and students who traveled abroad to teach, research, and learn in just one year.