Reflection, awareness, and integration are the hallmarks of the Nazareth College undergraduate experiential learning requirement in the core curriculum. To integrate these out-of-the-classroom learning experiences, you will:

  • Describe and reflect on what you have learned — and how. This enhances your learning by building connections between your experiences, career development goals, and civic life — and prepares you to discuss all of this at a job interview.
  • Explore, evaluate, and articulate your personal and social values.
  • Integrate and apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in the classroom to practical experiences and problems in our region and in our world.

Experiential learning emphasized campus-wide

In addition to opportunities for active learning through academic courses and internships, you can pursue meaningful, real-world experience through multiple efforts at Nazareth College:

Center for Civic Engagement

Provides nationally recognized, exemplary community service and meaningful outcomes.

Center for International Education

Promotes global awareness, knowledge, and understanding with experiences around the world.

Language houses for international immersion

Engages you in language and culture at Casa Hispana, Casa Italiana, and La Maison Française.

Frontier Center for Urban Education

Fosters partnerships between you and Nazareth College educators, urban schools, and community-based organizations.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Supplies faculty and experts to help you launch businesses, create inventions, and solve problems.

Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue

Advocates scholarship and encourages strategies for living peacefully in a religiously diverse world.

Cassandra Matalavage

Student Spotlight

Tutoring students in Rochester as a freshman was eye-opening and shifted her career plans, says Cassandra "Cassie" Matalavage '17. Taking the time to reflect on her experiences was key. Click for the full story.


Seven types of experiential learning meet the core requirement at Nazareth College:

  1. Service Learning
  2. Student Leadership, including Nazareth Leadership program
  3. Internships
  4. Co-curricular Service (Alternative Breaks, Partners for Serving, Partners for Learning, Homework Help, and LifePrep)
  5. Field & Clinical Experiences
  6. Study Abroad (Click for requirements for EL Abroad Short-Term, and EL Abroad Year/Semester credit.)
  7. Mentored Scholarly & Creative Activity (including CARS)

Credit-bearing courses that satisfy the EL requirement are listed on Naznet with the "experiential learning" attribute.

Banner photo was taken by Kaitlin Isabelle '15 at the Cliffs of Moher while studying abroad in Ireland.