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Global Citizenship Conference

This full-day conference for high school students is designed to give the future leaders of our world the tools to respond to intolerance, improve religious literacy, and know the etiquette required to work in a pluralistic world.

The Next Generation

High school students are invited to a week-long workshop during the summer to explore world religions and interfaith dialogue.

Social Studies Teacher Program

Teaching World Religions and Cultures in Our Schools is a five-day immersion and seminar series for social studies and global studies teachers.

Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers: Understanding World Religions and Interfaith Relations is a week-long, non-credit certificate course offered each summer for professionals, business people, religious leaders, social workers, and all those who interact with others.

Summer 2022

Train the Trainers: Understanding Islam's Relations with other Religions

Online non-credit certificate course for teachers, religious leaders, businesses, nurses, and other professionals including public interested in understanding Islam's relations with other religions for peaceful co-existence and professional services.

When:  August 15-19,2022 (Monday-Friday, both days are included)

Time :   7-8:30PM Via Zoom, Registration Fee: $39.00


Islam is misunderstood religion in America. Many do not know that the Qur'an recognized other religions, called them people of the holy scriptures especially the Jewish Bible and the Christian New Testament are mentioned as sources of light and guidance.  --in progress


Monday, August 15,  The Qur'an Pluralistic Theology

Tuesday, Aug.16,      Prophets and Prophecy in the Qur'an

Wednesday, Aug. 17, Mary and Jesus in Islam

Thursday, Aug. 18,  Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses in Islam

Friday, Aug.19,      Holy scriptures are sources of light and guidance


Summer 2020 Presentations

1. Understanding Diversity of Streams and Sects in Islam


The multiplicity of socio-cultural backgrounds of Muslims exhibits different traditional practices across diverse ethnicities and cultures. The approaches to the Qur’an and understanding the Prophetic tradition varied even when the Prophet was alive, but his presence and authority kept the centrality of Islam’s unity and uniformity. Soon after his death, differences over theological, devotional, legal, social and political issues emerged dividing the community into various streams and sects in all spheres of human life. In this weeklong course, some topics of contemporary significance where Americans are most confused will be discussed.


  • July 27, Monday: The emergence of Shi`a and Sunni in early Islam and its relevance today (Dr. Etin Anwar)
  • July 28, Tuesday: The Sunni divergence: The Sunni, the Salafi, the Wahhabi , Al Qa`ida, the ISIS and the Taliban (Dr. Shalahudin Kafrawi)
  • July 29, Wednesday: The Shi`a Divergence: The Twelvers, Isma`ili,  Agha Khanis, Zaidis and the Druze  (Dr. Muhammad Shafiq)
  • July 30, Thursday, Some Revivalist “Heretical” Movements: Baha’i,  Ahmadiyya, the Nation of Islam in America (Dr. Muhammad Shafiq)
  • July 31, Friday: Woman and Gender (Dr. Etin Anwar)

Time: 2:30-4:00PM

Delivery Method: distance Learning via Zoom

Registration: email: cisd@naz.edu or mshafiq5@naz.edu

Registration fee: $29.00; scholarships are available.

Please write and mail your check to Nazareth College, Hickey Center & IIIT Chair, 4245 east Ave., Rochester, NY 14623



Dr. Etin Anwar is Professor of Religious Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY.  She mostly writes on issues of gender and Feminism in Islam.

Dr. Shalahudin Kafrawi is Chair and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY.  He teaches courses on Islam and is expert in Qur’anic exegesis.

Dr. Muhammad Shafiq is Professor & Executive Director of Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue and IIIT Interfaith Studies Chair, Nazareth College, Rochester NY.



Book Discussions

We sponsor a quarterly gathering to discuss a significant book or article dealing with world religions. An initial review of the reading material and tentative questions are posted on the event prior to gathering. Readers are asked to critique and suggest additional questions for the discussion. Those who participate in our common list serve can continue the discussion after the gathering. For more, please email us: interfaith@naz.edu

Recent book discussions included:

  • Sacred Texts and Human Contexts A North American Response to a Common Word between Us and You by Nathan R. Kollar and Muhammad Shafiq
  • Muslims and Jews in America: Commonalities, Contentions, and Complexities by Reza Aslan and Aaron J. Hahn Tapper
  • Reclaiming Beauty for the Good of the World: Muslim & Christian Creativity as Moral Power by Dr. George Dardess and Dr. Peggy Rosenthal


We conduct workshops for adult professionals and youth to learn to interact and work more effectively in the increasingly pluralistic American religious landscape. Workshops are listed below:

Getting Down to Business in a Religiously Diverse World
Healing the Whole Person—Religious Perspectives on Health Care
Interfaith Family Retreats
The Next Generation Youth Interfaith Encounter
Religions and Prisons
global citizenship conference

More than 430 high school students, 100 teachers, and 50 presenters participated in the second annual student-led global citizenship conference.

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For further information on these programs, please contact us at interfaith@naz.edu or 585-389-2963.


Please RSVP  through the Smore Flyer to register for Understanding Islam's Relations with other Religions