Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies & Dialogue

Social Studies Teachers

Teaching World Religions and Cultures in Our Schools is a three-day immersion and seminar series for social and global studies teachers.  This program is designed to help our educators prepare our younger generation to meet the demands of the 21st century, living in a religiously pluralistic and culturally diverse society.

While the current global and social studies curriculum places an emphasis on world religions, the depth of material available is insufficient to allow one unfamiliar with these traditions to fully develop a rich understanding of these faiths, which can then be used to properly educate students about world religions.  Through the Teaching World Religions and Cultures in Our Schools program, Nazareth College’s Brian and Jean Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue strives to address this need and supplement existing educational resources for teachers in this area. 

Participating teachers hear lectures by experts representing a variety of world religions and have the opportunity to visit local worship sites in order to obtain an experience of these faiths as lived by their communities.  Those who complete this program will have a greater understanding of world religions and thus be better prepared to present them with depth in an engaging and insightful manner in the classroom.  In turn, this will help our younger generations appreciate religious diversity and peacefully engage in cross-cultural and interfaith tolerance and dialogue as they grow to become the future leaders of our global community.

Have Questions?

For more information on this program, please e-mail interfaith@naz.edu.