The Professional Internship Program is central to the mission of Nazareth College as it encourages students to develop skills necessary for the pursuit of meaningful careers. As forms of experiential learning, internships also provide opportunities for students to develop the understanding, commitment, and confidence to lead fully informed and actively engaged lives. The Professional Internship Program also contributes to the college’s civic engagement presence, an integral piece of the current strategic plan. Finally, internships are an approved pathway to fulfill the experiential learning requirement of Nazareth's core curriculum.


What responsibilities do programs/majors have when their students participate in the Professional Internship Program?

  1. Encourage students to consider internships (during advising and class time when relevant)
  2. Assist Career Coaches and Assistant Director of Internships in identifying and developing potential internship sites related to their field/discipline
  3. Assist students in the initial search and site selection process (Career Coaches are happy to help with the creation of resumes, cover letters, and any required documents)
  4. In the semester prior to the student's internship, complete Advisor Approval form with student wishing to register for academic credit (linked above) and remind student to secure completed Site Agreement form in order to register for the appropriate subject specific internship course (e.g., XYZ 483).  Completed forms should be returned to the Internship Office and must be submitted in order for the students to receive permission to register. 
  5. Conduct one site visit typically during the middle of the semester for any local intern and check in by phone and/or email with any non-local interns and supervisors
  6. Be available should any issues arise to consult and problem-solve with Assistant Director of Internships.
  7. Confer on grades at the end of the term (Assistant Director of Internships will grade reflective assignments and teach online and/or in-person internship seminars).
faculty and students in Peckham hall

Did you know?

Internships have been identified as a high-impact educational experience by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).