Funding for Internships, Field, and Clinical Experiences


  • This grant of $1,500 can help cover undergraduate student costs for an unpaid or underpaid summer internship, study abroad, or summer research.
  • If you are doing a summer internship or research supported by a SPARK Grant, you can live on campus for a nominal fee and get a SPARK scholarship to cover tuition for the credits.

Learn more about the SPARK Grant and how to apply »

Center for Life's Work and Professional Internship Program Scholarships


  • Experience must be unpaid
  • Experience must be confirmed prior to applying for a scholarship
  • Have an up-to-date FAFSA completed
  • Demonstrate significant (high) financial need (as determined by FAFSA)
  • Meet all requirements to complete an experience for academic credit (minimum 2.5 GPA, junior standing)
  • Enroll in a corresponding course for the experience (internship, clinical, practicum course)
  • Be a current undergraduate student

Scholarship Available

Please select the appropriate scholarship and apply through the links below.

Transportation Grant: Award of up to $750 can be used to cover transportation costs of an unpaid undergraduate internship, clinical, practicum, etc. This may include public transportation and/or taxi costs. This scholarship cannot cover the cost of gas/mileage for personal transportation.  Applicants will also be able to request consideration for additional institutionally-supported shuttle transportation (subject to experience schedule and driver availability). 

Preference will be given to students without access to personal transportation.  

Living Allowance Grant: Award of up to $3,000 to cover living costs for undergraduate students completing a Professional Internship Program summer internship outside their home city. Costs may include transportation and housing costs.  

Preference will be given to students completing internships outside of Rochester.

How to Apply

  • Before you apply, you must have your experience confirmed and approved by your academic advisor or placement coordinator.
  • Please complete the Advisor Approval Form (for Professional Internship Program internship experiences) before application. 
  • You will be asked for a Site Agreement Form (for Professional Internship Program internship experiences) or documentation from your placement site that indicates your acceptance and schedule for the semester. This includes your start date, end date, and weekly schedule as your schedule will help determine your award amount. Please have this ready prior to submitting the application.
  • You will be asked to submit an unofficial copy of your academic transcript. You can find this on NazNet by clicking "Transcript" under "Academic Profile" 
  • You must complete an updated resume with your application.  If you have not updated your resume recently, you can make an appointment with your Career Coach to help with your resume.
  • Before applying, please complete a detailed budget for your experience. Please break down the costs for which you are requesting funding and justify how they will be spent.  Submit your budget in writing.

Example: Uber from campus to 5 Main Street: $15 one way      

Uber costs for one week: $60 (2 trips per day, 2 days per week)

Total Uber cost for 10 weeks: $600

  • You will be asked to answer three short-answer questions.  Please answer these questions carefully and considerately, using your best grammar and critical thinking.  Once you submit your application, you will not be able to revisit these questions to edit or change your answers.