At Nazareth College, internships are courses where together with your advisor, an internship director and your sponsoring organization, you will be supported in your personal and professional development as you maximize your internship experience!  

All course-based internships also fulfill Nazareth's Experiential Learning requirementCheck out where Naz students recently interned.

Find an Internship

Follow these four important steps and be sure to check Handshake for new postings.

Register and Earn Credit

Be sure that you get academic credit for your internship.

Intern Beyond Rochester

Looking to intern in another city, state or country? We can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Graduate Interns

Graduate students in the School of Business and Leadership can complete internships as part of their studies.

Joe Nettles holds his Duke U. medical oncology intern ID

Student internship experiences

Interning has led to full-time jobs for students and internship experiences have helped many students be well-prepared for their next chapter.

Nazareth's SPARK Stories page includes recent internship examples.