Register and Earn Credit

To earn academic credit for an internship at Nazareth University (including the 0-credit option), you need to:

  1. Discuss your internship with your departmental advisor and Dale Leyburn, Director of Internships in the Center for Life's Work (GAC 117). Keep them in the loop! If you have found or created an internship on your own, you want to ensure it will be approved for credit.

  2. Once you have accepted your internship and it has been approved, fill out an Internship Advisor Approval Form with your advisor AND a Site Agreement Form with your internship supervisor*. Please be sure each form is complete before submitting (failure to provide all necessary information will slow your registration process).

    F-1 International Students need additional authorization to complete a credit-bearing internship. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization must be secured prior to the start of the internship. Please see the Assistant Director in CIE for more information.

    If you are using the internship pathway for SPARK Grant, please apply for the grant and submit your forms as a part of your SPARK Grant application. Use the Site Agreement Form provided on the SPARK Grant website.

  3. Return completed forms to the Director of Internship in the Center for Life's Work. After a review of submitted forms, you will be given permission to register for the appropriate internship class.

  4. Register for the appropriate internship class in Student Planning or the NazAPP after you receive permission. You must register for an internship course prior to the start of the experience to receive credit for your internship. Internship course registration follows Nazareth registration and drop/add deadlines. Exceptions may be made for internships secured within the first three weeks of the semester  (two weeks in the summer) - contact the Director of Internships for details. There is no class size or seat limit for internship courses - you will not be closed out and you can add this course after your designated registration day. Please note, moving from part-time to full-time status after the drop/add deadline will result in financial aid revisions and billing changes.

  5. Watch for emails. The Director of the Internship Program will send you directions and important dates regarding internship course requirements, session meeting times, etc. Dale may be reached at

Fast Facts

  • The initial Summer 2024 3-credit internship and Summer A internship form submission and registration deadline is May 20.
  • Students who secure a 3-credit internship after May 20, but before May 31, and submit forms before May 31 (noon) may be added to an internship course. Contact the Director of Internships for more information.
  • The Summer B 2024 1-credit SPARK and 0-credit registration deadline is June 28. Please note that Summer B is not long enough to accommodate 3-credit experiences.
  • Internship forms must be submitted before starting the experience.
  • An internship that counts towards your program is worth 3 credits
  • In addition to the on-site activities, you will take steps to customize and craft your internship experience, complete reflective activities, and connect your experiential learning with your academics via course assignments. Performance evaluation and assessment of the internship and self-assessment of learning occur at the end of the semester.
  • You need to spend at least 10 weeks (8 weeks during the summer) AND 120 hours minimum at your internship site. Hours must be completed during the dates of the term.
Katie LaShomb

Katie LaShomb interned at the Embassy of Papua, New Guinea, in Washington, D.C. After graduation, she worked for a U.S. congressional representative. "You own your college experience, and there’s so much you can accomplish—but it’s completely what you make of it."

Did you know?

An internship is one way to fulfill the Experiential Learning component of your core curriculum.