Moodle is Nazareth's course management system. All courses are automatically created in Moodle and many instructors use the system to post and retrieve assignments. It will be your instructors’ responsibility to inform you of whether or not they will use this learning management system. To access Moodle:

  1. Visit to access the Moodle home page.
  2. Enter your MyNaz account information, then click 'Login.'


Does it matter whether I use a Mac or a Windows computer? What about choosing a browser?

Moodle is web based. It is more dependent on the appropriate browser than the kind of computer or operating system. As for Mac/Windows, just understand how to download, open, and upload documents on your computer, as these are the most common problems users experience.

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for Moodle and related teaching technologies. Always try to update whatever browser you choose to use so that it is running the most recent and secure versions available. If you appear to be having problems doing something in one of your Moodle courses, try using a different browser. This quite often corrects the problem.

What should I do if I'm in Moodle and something isn't working properly?

Before calling for help, try the following suggestions. They usually resolve most problems:

  • Refresh the page (usually an icon near the address bar).
  • Log out and log back in to Moodle.
  • Close the browser and log back in after re-opening the browser.
  • Clear the browser's Cache (instructions)
  • Reboot your computer or try from a different computer.
  • Try changing browsers. Using Chrome? Try Mozilla Firefox. Avoid using Safari on Mac devices!

Call the Technology and Media Save Services Desk at 585-389-2111 to seek help and/or report the problem.

Can I use a mobile device to access my Moodle courses?

Moodle is web based, so if you can access the internet on your device, you can access Moodle. You can also access your Moodle courses using the NazApp on your mobile device

Help for Students

How do I access my courses?

After logging in to Moodle, you will arrive on the user Dashboard. All available courses will be accessible under the Course overview block in the center of the screen. 

The Course overview block offers a number of filters that allow you to adjust the display of your courses. 

What if I can't find my courses?

Try these options:

  1. Contact your instructor to be sure you are on their official roster.
  2. Ask the instructor to be sure the course has been made available for student access. Instructors sometimes make courses temporarily unavailable while they are working on the course.
  3. If none of the above helps, contact the Technology and Media Service Desk at 389-2111.
How do I use Moodle?

Students can find written help resources on the Student Support Site


Help for Faculty/Staff

Have Questions?

Contact the Technology and Media Service Desk: