Information Technology Services

Zoom Web and Video Conferencing

Zoom is Nazareth College’s official web and video conferencing tool.

Why Zoom?

  • HD video & audio means less dropped connections
  • Screen-sharing & recording
  • Works across Windows, Mac, IOS, Android & Blackberry systems
  • Unlimited connectivity time for 1:1 meetings 
  • Unlimited connectivity time for up to 100 participants with a pro account*
  • Easy-to-use meeting controls means managing your online meeting is a cinch!

Zoom Account Information

All Nazareth College faculty, staff, and students can create and use a Zoom basic account. To request a Nazareth Pro user account, please contact the Technology & Media Service Desk at 585-389-2111 or 

Zoom Basic

  • Unlimited time 1:1
  • 40 minute limit for up to 100 participants

Zoom Pro*

  • Unlimited time 1:1
  • Unlimited time for up to 100 participants 

Zoom Webinar

  • Unlimited time for up to 100 attendees (no participant video)

Training Materials

Set Up your Zoom Account
Schedule a Meeting in Zoom
Zoom Self-Help Resources
Nazareth Zoom Landing Page

Log in to Nazareth's Zoom Site

Have Questions?

Contact the Technology and Media Service Desk:

For Zoom Training, contact the Teaching & Learning Technologies Department!