Colleague Account

The Colleague system, developed by Datatel, is used to manage major administrative functions across Nazareth and is supported by the ITS Applications Team. Colleague includes five integrated components, providing the institution with an enterprise-wide solution:

  1. Student and applicant
  2. Financial aid
  3. Finance
  4. Payroll and Human Resources
  5. Development and alumni

With Colleague's common core database, each individual or entity has only one set of data records available and as such makes data retrieval and system operation much more effective. Procedures are in place to ensure security, accessibility and the continued integrity of the administrative data.

Colleague Users

Employees who input data, retrieve information or submit approvals for any of the following processes need to have a Colleague username and password to access the system:

  • Class schedules, student inquiries, admissions applications, financial aid recording, registrations, payments, grading and transcripts
  • Purchasing requests, budget lookups, vouchers
  • Personnel records and payroll stipends
  • Alumni and development information

Colleague users are given security access to a wealth of information about students, applicants, alumni, and Nazareth employees, according to their position requirements. Users need to understand and abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) in regards to the release of student information.

Faculty or staff who do not need to enter data, run inquiries or reports directly from the system may use NazNet to retrieve rosters, search for classes or view vacation time balances.

Requesting an Account

Data security is one of the most critical issues associated with maintaining and supporting a college-wide administrative data solution. Not all Nazareth employees will need a Colleague account. Typically, those who maintain prospect, applicant, student, alumni, donor or employee data will need an account.

To request a Colleague account, you must have your supervisor fill out a survey form with the required information.

Please click here for the Colleague account request form and it will automatically open in a new browser window.

The information you provide will be sent to ITS and the account request will be reviewed.

Logging into Colleague requires the use of your Nazareth username and MyNaz password.

Changing Your Password

Colleague requires you to login with your MyNaz password. To reset your MyNaz password, please visit

Reporting Problems or Requesting Information

If you are having problems with Colleague screens or processes, call the Technology and Media Service Desk. They will tell you if there is a global issue. If the problem or request for information is specific, they will assist you in submitting a ticket, which will be forwarded to the appropriate ITS team member. For non-emergencies, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Account Termination

ITS receives notification of employee terminations, in an automated process, from Human Resources, the Facilities Department, Food Services or from the hiring department in the case of student workers. Access to the Colleague account is denied beginning with the date of termination.

Have Questions?

Contact the Technology and Media Service Desk: