Echo360 Video Recording 

Echo360  is a comprehensive lecture capture and video hosting system that allows Nazareth University faculty to record video lectures for students to view at any time online. Think of it as a private Youtube channel for each course you teach at Naz.

You can create and host videos in Echo360, and then connect those videos to specific Moodle courses each semester. The system provides you with rich analytics to help support student engagement and success.

Echo360 can be used in one of three of ways: 

  • Classroom recording and live-streaming of weekly or guest lectures (enabled classrooms only)
  • Personal video recording for before-class lectures, content review, and/or weekly overviews
  • Real-time polling & quizzing 

Video is stored on the system in your private faculty account. You can reuse video you create each semester or mix-and-match what you share across courses. 

Echo360 Training Materials

Managing and Sharing Video Content
Personal Video Recording using Universal Capture
Polling & Quizzing Tools

Lecture Recording & FERPA

Can students record their classes?
Acceptable Practices
Classroom Recording Release Form

Classroom Capture Locations

  • Arts Center: Wilmot Recital Hall 
  • GAC: 38
  • Library: Media B
  • Peckham Hall: 14
  • Smyth: 260, 321, 360 
  • YWRI: 154, 250, 255

Want your weekly lectures recorded? Request one of these rooms when submitting your course schedule to the department chair. 

Faculty can request recording and live-streaming in an Echo360 enabled classroom using this form

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