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At Nazareth

In one year: More than 270 students, faculty, and staff from 35 countries study, conduct research, and teach at Nazareth.


Conner Burry '17

Conner Burry '17, music therapy major with Spanish minor

"One of the things about Naz that I think sets our campus apart from other schools is our three language houses! As a Spanish minor, I think this is a great way to get involved and keep up your foreign language skills." Read more »

Alumni Spotlight

“The skills I learned at Nazareth not only helped me master my second and third languages, but to understand my own language and culture from an objective perspective." Read more.

--Joshua Hurd '13, German and French double major with inclusive adolescence education certification

Nazareth in the world

Study Abroad Options

If you want to study in a location where there isn't an established program, we'll work with you to make it possible. Explore locations »

2014: Nearly 200 Nazareth students traveled internationally, studying in or visiting 23 countries around the world, including Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Portugal, and Russia.


  • Dual degree in nursing: Studying two semesters in Finland makes you eligible for a dual degree and professional licensure in the European Union. With planning, dual degrees can be completed within the four-year nursing program.
  • International internships are available in Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Discuss other possibilities with Nazareth's Internship Program leaders.
  • Dual degree in American Studies: Earn a dual master's degree by spending time in the American Studies program at Nazareth and at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém, Hungary.
Study abroad student blog
February 16th
alumni and student map

Nazareth's international reach continues to expand

Together, Nazareth alumni and students cover much of the globe (countries in purple). Learn more.


Clinton Global Initiative University

The Clinton Global Initiative University has accepted 26 Nazareth students from 2014-2016, who've tackled projects ranging from economic development for women in Haiti to a smartphone application for youth mental health. About 1,000 college students and leaders from around the world attend each international conference. Learn more.

Student Spotlight

"Knowing about cultural differences eases work interactions. If you are aware of the basics of what other cultures find normal, it’s just as easy to interact with someone from another culture as it is to interact with someone from your own.” Read more.

--Jessica Wojcinski '16, intern in Valencia, Spain



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