Submit a photo or video request

Please submit your request at least three weeks prior to when you need the final photo or video files. This allows us time to evaluate needs, add approved requests to the queue, and make necessary arrangements to ensure a successful outcome.


Next Steps

Your request will be reviewed and prioritized based on Nazareth's marketing and communication needs.

Approved requests will be fulfilled by our staff Visual Storyteller, who will contact you to collaborate on arranging details. Your help will be needed in:

  • coordinating schedules
  • identifying potential locations and making room reservations as needed
  • ensuring that photo participants/subjects are confirmed and present for the photoshoot

If we are unable fulfill your request, we'll suggest and provide contact information for freelancers you could hire. If your request is related to instructional support, contact Nazareth University Media Resources to learn more about photographic and video services offered.