News and Public Relations

Nazareth's public relations (PR) team assists reporters looking for expert commentary from Nazareth’s faculty or staff and handles all media photo/video requests.

The PR team works with Nazareth students, faculty, and staff to issue news releases, identify media opportunities, pitch stories to reporters, arrange media interviews, and monitor print and electronic press coverage of Nazareth University. The team also assists with crisis communications.

Under NO circumstances should a staff or faculty member contact the press without going through the marketing and communications department. If, for some unavoidable reason, prior communication with the PR team is not possible, then the PR team should be notified as soon as possible after contact with the media.

Naz in the News

The Marketing and Communications division asks to handle media inquiries or be notified when a reporter calls a professor directly. Nevertheless, the department doesn't always get every media clip featuring Nazareth. Please email notifications to Julie Long,, if you have a news clip that you would like the PR team to know about.


What is newsworthy?
How do I submit a news idea?
When should a press release be requested?
What are the different methods for getting the word out?
How can I help get the word out?
Will my story receive media coverage?