Marketing and Communications

The Homepage

Nazareth College's homepage,, provides ways to highlight Nazareth projects, people, and events.

Submitting a story idea for the homepage

  • Share your story idea with your school's dean, or
  • Contact Robyn Rime.

The review process for homepage features, photo galleries, and spotlights:

  1. Marketing and Communications team chooses topic to cover and conducts interviews, photography, video, etc.
  2. Draft is submitted to dean and/or main contact of story for fact checking
  3. Reviewer has 24 hours to reply to marketing and communications team with any corrections
  4. Marketing and Communications team make changes 
  5. Approved by dean and/or main contact for story
  6. Story posted


Robyn A. Rime

Robyn A. Rime

Assistant Director, Editorial and Creative Services in Marketing & Communications
Golisano Academic Center 173