Marketing & Communications


Suggest a story

We regularly share stories (photos, social media content, blog posts, videos, news stories, podcasts, etc.) about the Nazareth College student experience (including alumni), and we collaborate with people on campus to do so.

Alert us

Please reach out (story idea form) if you have a story idea for us. Or email us to consult on ways for you to create and share stories effectively. 

We welcome story ideas from students, alumni, faculty members, staff, and other members of the Nazareth community.

If we can pursue your idea, a member of Nazareth's Marketing and Communications team will be in touch! If you have photos or a link that further illustrate your story, please provide them via the story idea form.

Get training, support

Story Squad is a Marketing and Communications effort to provide training and support to students, faculty, and staff who are creating stories about the Nazareth experience. Contact the Director of Content Strategy to learn more.