Contact and FAQs

For general information about Naz Weekend 2023 events, updates, and information review the Naz Weekend main webpage, contact us at, or 585-389-5000.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Naz Weekend?
How is Naz Weekend different from Reunion?
When is Naz Weekend 2023?
Where can I find information about hotels & accommodations?
Where will events be held?
What are the COVID-19 protocols that are in place?
I would like to make a gift to Nazareth. What's the best way to go about this? Are there any areas of the College or funds you suggest I give to?


Do I need to pre-register to attend events for Naz Weekend?
How do I register for Naz Weekend?
Are these events open to the public / community?
What is happening at Naz Weekend?
Will there be any costs associated with Naz Weekend?
I’m not confident with online registration, and need help, what do I do?
Need to cancel? Cancellation policy
I’ve registered, but want to make a change to my registration, how do I do that?
I can no longer make it to Naz Weekend, how do I cancel my registration?
What are other ways to connect to my class and Nazareth in the meantime?


I have a dietary restriction or require other accommodations. How do I let someone know?
Will there be parking on campus?
Will there be transportation on campus?
Will there be interpreters available?
How do I find accessible entrances to buildings?

During the Weekend

What is the dress code for the weekend?
Where do I check-in when I arrive?
How & where can I connect with my classmates?
Where can I get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat on campus?
Will there be photography?
I lost something! Is there a lost and found?
Is there an ATM on campus?
Can I bring my dog?