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Nazareth College Music Department to present holiday PRISM concert, Sunday, December 4

Published November 10, 2016

The Nazareth College Music Department and the Nazareth College Ensembles are pleased to present the Holiday PRISM Concert on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 3 p.m. in Linehan Chapel.

The concert will feature Nazareth’s Brass Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Chamber Orchestra, Guitar Quartet, Jazz Combo, Saxophone Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Violin Quartet, and Woodwind Ensemble—performing a wide array of music. The performance will conclude with Leroy Anderson’s A Christmas Festival, consisting of nine popular Christmas melodies.

Because of the nature of a PRISM concert—during which each ensemble seamlessly follows the previous in surround sound—the performers will be staged throughout the venue, with the audience seated amongst the ensembles.

This event is free and open to the public.

The concert program includes:

  • Sleigh Ride, arr. Chris Van Hof, Brass Ensemble (Jeremy Stoner, director)
  • Ukranian Carol, Traditional/arr. N. Strelau, Chamber Orchestra (Nancy Strelau, director)
  • Canzona per Sonare no. 2, Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Mark Scatterday, Saxophone Ensemble (Chisato Eda Marling, director)
  • In dulci jubilo, J.S. Bach/arr. Gary Bricault, Saxophone Ensemble (Chisato Eda Marling, director
  • Czech Suite, Dvorak, Woodwind Ensemble (Jared Chase, director)
  • Zowie Went the Weasel, Violin Quartet
  • Skater, Jazz Combo (Brad Batz, director)
  • African Noel, arr. Andre Thomas, Nazareth College Chamber Singers (Mark Zeigler, director)
  • A Christmas Festival, Leroy Anderson, Nazareth College Symphony Orchestra (Nancy Strelau, director)

Participating students include:

  • Brass Ensemble: Trumpet – Miles Anglin, Cody S. D’Ambrosia, Marissa Mergler. Horn – Noelle Hensler, Hali Shepherd. Trombone – Kara Rider. Euphonium – Brianne Evevsky, Matthew Holloway, Jenna Taylor. Tuba – Nathan Hunphrey, Mike Wall
  • Chamber Singers: Soprano – Gabrielle Agostinelli, Natalie Burrows, Brittany Burgess, Lindsey Howard, Emily Kielbasinski, Mariah Rector, Taylor Santabarbara, Katelyn Santiago, Nia Sargeant, Alyssa Smith, Jessica Tripi, Natalie Tyce; Alto – Idalia Blake, Marissa Caldarelli, Teresa Colosanti, Makaily Courtwright, Rachel Demeree, Rachel Hall, Jonae Harris, Kiersten Hecht, Amelia Pass, Catherine Sentiff, Charlotte Stevens; Tenor ­–  Conner Burry, Anthony Ferro, Elijah Flynn, Steve Geraci, Tyler Guarnieri, Daniel Halbstein, Matthew Taylor; Bass –  Dwight Alexander, Joshua Daniels, Michael Getty, LaMont Haywood, Sean Healey Ben Reisinger Adam Roes, Joel Touranjo, Toby Young
  • Chamber Orchestra: Flute – Edgardo Barra, Marguerite Call, Katherine Saslawsky. Oboe – Rebecca Kittleson. Clarinet – Abigail Hamel, Elyssa Utz. Bass Clarinet – Sam Stein. Horn – Katie Dickey, Abigail Farnham, Noelle Hensler, Hali Shepard. Trumpet – Miles Anglin, Yuan Miao, Leslie Thompson. Trombone—Holly Burrell, Michael Carson, Matthew Holloway. Tuba – Alexander Mabrich
  • Jazz Combo: Trumpet – Taylor Simmonsl Saxophone – Nick Napoli; Piano – Lincoln All piano; Drums – Jamison Brooks
  • Saxophone Ensemble: Soprano Saxophone – Kayla Freeden, Victoria Moore. Alto Saxophone – Karis-Kaylan Gregory, Emma Karp. Tenor Saxophone – Ignatius Marino, Nick Napoli. Baritone Saxophone – Jesse Barnes, Savannah Gill
  • Symphony Orchestra: Flute – Katherine Saslawsky, Edgard Barra, Marguerite Call; Oboe – Rebecca Kittleson; Clarinet – Elyssa Utz, Abigail Hamel; Bass Clarinet –  Sam Stein; Horn – Hali Shepard, Katie Dickey, Abigail Farnam, Noelle Hensler; Trumpet – Yuan Miao, Leslie Thompson, Miles Anglin; Trombone – Michael Carson, Holly Burrell, Matthew Holloway; Tuba – Alexander Mabrich; Percussion – Jamison Brooks, Lincoln All, Madeline Mitchell, Noah Jones; Keyboard – Aaron Siebert-Sio; Guitar –  Elijah Flynn; Violin I –  Andrea Peters, Bri Oricchio, Carly Schwarzkopf, Tera Catallo, Alex Bruno, Sam Cooperman, Kiran Rajamani, Katie Proe, Regan Wagner, Kevin Goddard, Gary Guth; Violin II – Lisa Lindenbaum, Sarah Ramey, Marissa Mergler, Jazlyn Melindo, Nicole Burns, Allison Kurthy, Katelin Benini, Gwynneth Lloyd, Alicia Sciolino, Victoria Rose, Emily Mroczek, Josiah Martuscello; Viola –  Evie Boughton, Zac Lijewski, Rochelle Heinze, Erin Oakley, Ceara Curry, Jessica Kromer, Giovanni Magagnoli, Danielle Santoro, Matt Krieg, Christian Drew, Abby Zych, Josh Shufelt, Noah Sauve; Cello – David Hauck, Katrya Cichanowicz, Mariah Bondy, Anastasia Hughes, Christian Malmstrom, Alex Barna, Jessica Stroupe, Samantha McIntyre, Claire Hardy, Christina Soto, Cecelia Marini; Double Bass – Emma Pogge, Aubrey Baldauf, Stan Martinelli, Jacob Brooks, Felix LaPlante
  • Violin Quartet: Bri Oricchio, Andrea Peters, Sam Cooperman, Alex Bruno
  • Woodwind Ensemble: Flute – Marguerite Call, Pamela Mason; Oboe – Sara Bode; Clarinet – Nicole Tabone, Norah McKnightm Samuel Stein; Bassoon – Tim McKnight; Horn – Katie Dickey, Kailee Christiansen
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