Student Readiness for Online Courses

Equipment Needed (hardware & software)

  1. Personal computer or laptop with speakers, microphone, and webcam; see the ITS Recommended Computer Guidelines for system-specific requirements. If you do not have your own computer to complete online coursework, be prepared to locate and use a public computer or laptop (public library, Nazareth University computer lab etc).
  2. Microsoft Office (version 10+ preferred) or equivalent.
  3. Current version of a web browser (Chrome or Firefox). Please note: Moodle is optimized for use in Chrome.
  4. Up-to-date virus protection.
  5. A high-speed internet connection —ethernet is best.
  6. File storage system of your choice — all Nazareth University students are provided with access to Google Drive with unlimited storage capabilities.
  7. Specialty applications per instructor request.

Online Course Readiness 

The following four characteristics are common for successful online students:

  • Intermediate technical skills
  • Comfort with electronic communication (written, video chat etc)
  • Ability to study independently
  • Strong organizational skills

Time Commitment 

An on-campus 3-credit course traditionally requires approximately 6 hours per week of dedicated study time in and out of the classroom.

An online, undergraduate 3-credit course requires approximately 6-8 hours of dedicated study and participation in the virtual classroom per week. Graduate coursework often requires a higher level of time commitment per week.

Accelerated or shortened courses — such as summer session — increase the weekly academic workload per credit hour in order to attain the same amount of credits in an abbreviated time period. Contact your instructor directly for the estimated amount of work per week required to be successful in this type of course.

It is important to consider other personal and professional commitments as you decide to pursue online coursework.

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Online Learning Help

Visit the following resource pages for additional help: 


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