School of Education

Degree Offerings

Nazareth has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate education programs leading to initial, professional, and additional certification. These programs provide students with expertise and experience to teach across the age spectrum (birth through grade 12) in a variety of areas and disciplines.


Teacher Certification

See which steps to complete when, to get certified by New York state.

Field Placement Services

Information and forms for Nazareth undergraduate and graduate education students and for sponsoring/cooperating teachers.

International Teaching Experience

Undergraduate and graduate students can gain global and cross-cultural experience.

Frontier Center for Urban Education

This Nazareth effort supports and initiates promising practices and collaborative efforts in urban education.

Tech2Teach Program

This Nazareth collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology creates the path to a master's of science in education and teacher certification in math or science for RIT students.

Lights, iPad, Action

Anthony Stirpe '98 teaches an award-winning filmmaking course using the smartphones in his students' pockets.

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Our education programs are built to help each student become exactly the teacher they're meant to be and what students need. Learn more.



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