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Content Specialty Test Details:

Undergraduate Programs

Art Education
Inclusive Adolescence Education
Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood Education
Music Education
Speech and Language Disabilities

Graduate Programs

ACCESS Program
Educational Technology
Inclusive Adolescence Education
Inclusive Childhood Education
Inclusive Early Childhood Education
Literacy Specialist: Birth-Grade 6 or Grades 5-12
Speech and Language Disabilities
TESOL Education
Visual Arts
Extension for Bilingual Education

Graduate Internship Temporary Certificate

Offered a job before you're done with your graduate program?

If you are at least halfway through a graduate teacher education program and you've been hired, or you have an offer to be hired, by a public school, you may be eligible to apply for a NYSED Internship Temporary Certificate if you meet all of the criteria.

Temporary Certificate Criteria and Form

Out of State Teaching

Each state has specific teacher certification requirements for people applying for certification that already hold certification in New York State. Students seeking out-of-state teacher certification are encouraged to research the state's requirements.  If assistance is needed in processing any required forms showing degree/program completion at Nazareth College, please contact the certification office.

Contact Information

Contact, 585-389-2592, or 585-389-2051, or visit Golisano Academic Center 271 with any questions regarding certification.