Student Accounts

Student Costs 2016-17

Student costs for the 2017/2018 academic year will be updated the week of April 17, 2017.

[Our Financial Aid webpage has an at-a-glance summary of annual student costs.]

In addition to the 2016-17 costs below, we estimate that full-time Nazareth College students will need $1,100 per academic year for books and supplies and at least $1,400 for discretionary personal expenses.

Detailed Costs by Program

Resident Students
Commuter Students
Study Abroad Programs
Weekend R.N. to B.S. in Nursing
Summer Start Program 2016 (June 27-Aug. 4, 2016)
Special Fees including Enrollment Deposits
Parking Fees
Department Fees
Music Fees
Recital Fees
Nursing Fees
Physical Education Fee
Physical Therapy Fees
Science Fees
Clinical Insurance Fees

English Language Institute Programs

Tuition and Fees by Credit Hour

Special Note

*The Physical Therapy program requires full-time attendance, and the tuition is $18,675 per semester (for 12-17 credit hours) for fall and spring coursework. In addition, students are required to complete summer coursework at $1,245 per credit hour. Graduate Year I students take 13 credit hours in the summer, Year II students take 6 credit hours in the summer and Year III students take 12 credit hours in the summer. Therefore, total Physical Therapy Graduate Year I tuition (including summer, fall, and spring terms) is $53,535 for the 2016-2017 academic year. Additional course fees apply.

**All resident students, except those in apartments, must take a board (dining) plan. For details, see Dining Overview.

***Advance deposits are non-refundable, but are credited to the first-semester bill.

****Payable by students who register after classes begin.

Note: Rates and policies are subject to change.