Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

ARP is addtional support and a more hands-on approach to assist students primarily on academic probation to increase their GPA and academic skills. Students on ARP can either take ACS 200 or Enhanced Academic Success Coaching.

Traditional Academic Success Coaching would be better for students looking to just improve their academic performance without the goal of getting off probation.

Enhanced Academic Success Coaching

  • 7-8 Structured 1:1 meetings with an Academic Success Coach beginning the first week of classes and lasting throughout the semester.
  • Enjoy a support system while setting and achieving personalized goals for your academic success.
  • Academic support and guidance to improve academic skill development
  • A push to focus on the best learning strategies for you
  • Help connecting with tutors and other campus resources

ACS 200

In ACS 200 you will reflect on your individual needs and approach to academic success. You will develop a concrete plan for achieving academic success in college by exploring your learning style and the strategies that will help you to organize your time and academic responsibilities. The focus areas for these strategies will include time management, notetaking, preparing for exams, taking exams, communicating with faculty, utilizing your resources, and staying motivated. 

See ACS 200 for more information.