Student Success

Academic Success Coaching


We help you accomplish your academic goals through one-on-one organizational and motivational meetings.

Taking a holistic approach to student development, the CSS Academic Success Coaches use a meta-cognitive approach to helping you embrace your individual learning strengths and styles: We help you learn how you learn.

If you are interested in academic success coaching, you may also want to check out our Advanced Academic Strategies course.

Academic Success Coach: A trained graduate student who provides individualized support to students in regularly scheduled, confidential, one-on-one meetings to enhance the following:

  • concerns about transitioning to college
  • self-management
  • test preparation
  • study skills
  • managing assignments
  • strategies to communicate with a professor
  • connecting with appropriate resources on campus
  • any additional challenges a student may face

Academic Success Coaches will NOT:

  • take care of your responsibilities for you
  • talk to professors on your behalf
  • serve as an area specific tutor
  • track you down if you stop showing up to meetings
  • remind you about your personal obligations

Get the most out of your coaching:

  • Show up on time for all regularly scheduled meetings
  • Be prepared for meetings, come with questions and all necessary materials
  • Be honest about your progress and the areas that are challenging for you
  • Do your best to put into practice the skills your academic success coach will equip you with