ACS 200:
Advanced Strategies for Academic Success

In ACS 200 you will reflect on your individual needs and approach to academic success.  You will develop a concrete plan for achieving academic success in college by exploring your learning style and the strategies that will help you to organize your time and academic responsibilities. The focus areas for these strategies will include time management, notetaking, preparing for exams, taking exams, communicating with faculty, utilizing your resources, and staying motivated.


  • Academic and College Success 200 is a 1 credit course offered each fall and spring semester that is designed to help you learn time management and study strategies and apply them in your other coursework.
  • Open to students of all class years looking to expand on their academic skills.
  • Receive the support of the instructor and a Peer Mentor, an upper class Nazareth student who can share academic strategies that have worked for them.

Course Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking ACS 200, you will be able to ...

  • Reflect on past academic behaviors and set goals for achieving academic success in the future.
  • Articulate and apply time management strategies that support the achievement of academic success.
  • Articulate and apply study skills that support the achievement of academic success.
  • Identify your learning style and reflect on how this impacts your approach to studying and time management.
  • Identify and articulate the role of campus resources in helping you to be academically successful.

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