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For Students

How can FlyerSuccess help me?

Nazareth faculty care about your success. That is why many will notify you of your progress in their courses through FlyerSuccess. They may congratulate you on great performance or let you know if you would benefit from resources to be more successful.

If you receive an email message from FlyerSuccess, know that it is because your faculty want to support you. It's a great opportunity for you to connect with the instructor and relevant services on campus to support your success.

In addition to receiving messages from your faculty members, you can also utilize FlyerSuccess in a variety of other ways. Log in to FlyerSuccess to:

  • View and connect with your Success Network, which includes instructors, advisors, career coaches, and other key people on campus ready to assist you.
  • These connections will appear when you login. Right below these you will find a list of offices on campus and information on how to take advantage of their services.
  • Help us provide you with personalized service and support by opening the menu and selecting "Tell Us More About Yourself." 
  • You can also select "Request Help" from the menu to get connected to appropriate offices for academic support, academic planning, career planning, and registration- and records-related questions.


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For Faculty

What is FlyerSuccess?

Faculty can use FlyerSuccess at any point in the first 14 weeks of the semester to congratulate students on a great performance and to submit progress concerns for their students. The goal of FlyerSuccess:

  • celebrate students' accomplishments
  • provide guidance and connect students to available campus support resources

It is just as important to use the system for positive reinforcement as it is to make students aware of progress concerns.

What is Connect?

Connect adds a new set of functionality to the FlyerSuccess platform, extending this tool from one that is focused on celebrating academic accomplishments and providing academic support to one that facilitates more holistic student support and engagement.

Connect features include options for setting up office hours and scheduling appointments; establishing student to-do items and referrals, which can be combined to create personalized success plans for students; and providing students with a more robust user interface that allows them to browse available services and submit requests for help from specific offices.

Using FlyerSuccess for office hours and advising appointments.

FlyerSuccess provides a great way for faculty to schedule and manage office hours and advising appointments. Schedule appointments in your office, by phone, or online via video conferencing software like Zoom. Set up a single appointment or office hours block or set appointments and office hours to repeat for desired days and duration.

When office hours are created in FlyerSuccess, students can log in, select their advisors or instructor, and select the day and time that works best for them. Learn how to set up your office hours.

How does FlyerSuccess support student success?

FlyerSuccess is based on the premise that a campus community engaged with a student will lead to that student's success and that effective campus engagement happens through collaborative efforts between faculty, advisors, and support offices. In addition, individual outreach to students and face-to-face conversations are critical so students know that there are people at the college who care about their success.

FlyerSuccess is intended to promote these important interactions by providing a quick and simple way for faculty to celebrate students' accomplishments in the classroom and to notify advisors and support offices when they have a concern about a student. The celebration of students' accomplishments provides positive reinforcement and the notification about concerns enables support providers to reach out to students in a timely and effective way. More effective support is expected to lead to increased student success, which in turn is ultimately expected to lead to improved retention and graduation rates.

What happens when an instructor raises a flag for a student in FlyerSuccess?

Instructors can raise a "High Five" flag to celebrate a student's accomplishments and raise a concern flag for students to signal different issues that may impact students' success.

These flags generate an immediate notification to the student congratulating them on the accomplishment or outlining the concern and directing them to support resources on campus.

In addition, advisors or other support providers at Nazareth may be notified, depending on the type of flag. If it is a concern, additional supportive outreach may occur. See FlyerSuccess User Permissions and FlyerSuccess Email Templates in the Resources box on this page to see who has access to flags and what is included in the emails when flags are raised.

What happens when advisors or other support providers on campus get notified that a flag has been raised?

Most flags in FlyerSuccess are informational and by themselves don't necessarily require outreach beyond the immediate email that goes to the student. Even if it is a flag of concern rather than celebration, noting the concern and resources available to help address the concern through an automatic email is often enough. For instance, if an advisor sees that their advisee has had a "Course Progress Concern" flag raised for one class, that flag alone doesn't necessarily require outreach. A student struggling in several classes or having other types of difficulties in multiple classes indicates something is going on that should be addressed.

Once a student has had three flags of concern raised in a single semester, the Office of Student Success will coordinate an outreach to that student. If a student reaches six flags of concern raised in a single semester, their advisor will be notified via email so they can reach out to the student to discuss and address the concerns. Whenever an advisor or support provider works with a student to address flags that have been raised, s/he is encouraged to post a comment to indicate the outreach that has taken place so the initial flag raiser knows and so other support providers are not duplicating efforts. If an advisor or support provider feels necessary action has taken place to address the flagged concern, they can "clear" the flag.

Including FlyerSuccess on your syllabi

Instructors are welcome to share information on FlyerSuccess and how it will be used in the classroom. Here is an example:

FlyerSuccess is a platform that can be used to celebrate your achievements in class, and to notify you of concerns. A High Five celebrates your success. If you receive a flag of concern, this is not punitive; it is used to inform you of specific concerns and support systems in place to help you succeed in this course. If you receive an email with {FlyerSuccess} in the subject line, please take note as this is important information. Know that I am trying to help you be as successful as possible in this course!