Common Questions from Students

How can I receive accommodations?
  1. Submit a New Accommodation Request.
  2. Submit disability documentation to Student Accessibility Services. This is often in the form of a psycho-educational evaluation or a letter on official letterhead from an established medical doctor, psychologist, or licensed therapist.
  3. Stop by, email or call to set up an appointment.
Do I automatically receive accommodations with my IEP or 504 plan?

No, an IEP or 504 plan does not automatically qualify a student for accommodations. Additional documentation may be needed to determine eligibility. 

Do I submit documentation of my disability with my admissions application?

No. Submit your documentation of disability directly to Student Accessibility Services.

Does your office handle special housing requests?

Yes. Any special housing accommodations that are necessary due to disability-related need, please follow the Special Housing Accommodations process. Our Special Housing Accommodations Committee will review all requests and consider options on a case-by-case basis.

How can I request additional accommodations?

If you believe that your current accommodations are not adequate or your situation has changed, please submit a Supplemental Request through Accommodate for a review of the documentation and your situation. Updated documentation may be required. Students may contact Student Accessibility Services for assistance or to discuss unique situations.

What do I do if I'm really struggling?

If you are struggling with coursework or other issues, contact the Director of Student Accessibility Services to discuss your situation, consider on campus and off campus resources, and develop a plan.

Do I need to use all of my accommodations for every class?

No. You can pick which accommodations to use in each class. However, those decisions are not retroactive. For example, you cannot retake an exam after you have chosen not to use extended time.

How do I arrange for extended time and distraction-reduced location for exams?

Students who are approved for extended time and distraction-reduced location for tests must book a reservation to take their exam in the testing center. Students taking their exam virtually in a location outside of the testing center are encouraged to connect with their instructor prior to exam day.

Common Questions from Faculty

A student gave me a letter stating that he/she needs accommodations. What is my responsibility?

Your responsibility is to provide or facilitate the accommodations listed on the letter. Accommodations are designed to place students with disabilities on an "even playing field" with their peers. They are not designed to give students an unfair advantage over other students.

If you are unsure how to provide the listed accommodations, talk to the student or contact Student Accessibility Services for further assistance.

How can I learn more about a student's disability?

Due to student confidentiality, we are unable to talk to staff and faculty about a student's individual disability without the student's permission. However, many times talking directly to the student about his or her needs can be more effective.

What do I do if a student with a disability fails to turn in assignments or misses class?

Check the student's accommodation letter to see if flexibility in either area is reasonably accommodated. If not, respond to the student as you would any other student in class who has not turned in assignments or missed class. If there are concerns about the number of absences or late assignments, contact SAS. The FlyerSuccess system can be a helpful tool to alert students of course progress concerns.

Do I need to approve an exam request for every test or exam?

Yes. Exam appointments are finalized once our office has received instructor approval of the exam request through Accommodate. This ensures that both the student and the instructor have agreed upon a date and time of the exam.  Additional information provided with the approval includes timing, allowable materials, and contact preferences to ensure accurate delivery of your exam.

How do I drop-off/pick-up an exam?

Please complete the Method of Delivery/Return section of the exam request approval in Accommodate to indicate your preferences.

Exams can be sent to SAS virtually through the Accommodate exam portal or by email to SASoffice@naz.edu. Completed exams can be returned via email if preferred. 

All exams can be dropped off and picked up at the SAS Testing Center (GAC 61A). Testing Center hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

If you are dropping your exam off before 8:00 AM or after 4:30 PM, please slide the exam under the GAC 61A door.

How do I add ReadSpeaker to each quiz?

ReadSpeaker is a text to speech plug in application that reads aloud text within Moodle and, if enabled, reads test questions to students. This can be very beneficial to students to hear the questions to understand what it is asking. 

ReadSpeaker needs to be enabled for EACH exam/quiz within Moodle. Once enabled for a certain quiz, it will remain enabled for following semesters. 

Here is the written step by step guide to enable ReadSpeaker, also select the following link to the TLT page for the video how-to guide for enabling ReadSpeaker.

Other Questions

If your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.