Common Questions from Students

How can I receive accommodations?
Do I automatically receive accommodations with my IEP or 504 plan?
Do I submit documentation of my disability with my admissions application?
Does your office handle special housing requests?
How can I request additional accommodations?
What do I do if I'm really struggling?
Do I need to use all of my accommodations for every class?
How do I arrange for extended time and distraction-reduced location for exams?

Common Questions from Faculty

A student gave me a letter stating that he/she needs accommodations. What is my responsibility?
How can I learn more about a student's disability?
What do I do if a student with a disability fails to turn in assignments or misses class?
Do I need to approve an exam request for every test or exam?
How do I drop-off/pick-up an exam?
How do I add ReadSpeaker to each quiz?

Other Questions

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