Success Resources for Faculty and Staff

Recommend a Tutor

Any student who has earned a B+ or higher in a specific course, holds a cumulative GPA of above a 3.0, has completed the tutor training program and has received a recommendation from the faculty member can tutor for the Student Success Office. 

Instructors, please e-mail us at to recommend a student as a tutor for your course.

Graduate Student Tutoring Information

Tutoring and other assistance is available for students studying in a graduate program. Please refer to the information below for details.

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Fund for Undergraduate Student Engagement (FUSE)

What is FUSE?
To Apply for FUSE
Program Ideas
After the Program is Over

Starfish Early Alert For Syllabi

Instructors are welcome to share information on Starfish and how it will be used in the classroom. Here is an example:

Starfish is an early alert system used to inform you of specific concerns and support systems in place to help you succeed in this course. If you receive an email with {STARFISH} in the subject line it is an indication that you should come meet with me to discuss the concerns. Starfish also provides extensive options for other academic support services. 

Information for Syllabi

Faculty are welcome to share the following information on their course syllabi regarding the Student Success Office:

The Student Success Office at Nazareth University is available to connect students with appropriate information and services that might assist in their success.

Peer tutoring and 1:1 academic success coaching are available to all students upon request. Further information and guidelines can be found on their website:

For additional support, please visit or contact the office in Smyth 25 or at / 585-389-2885.

Emergency Fund:

Sometimes things happen that no one can plan for. Limited funds are available to help make such times a little bit easier for students. E-mail us to learn more.

More Support

This office is one of five that comprise Nazareth's Academic Resource Center.