Tutoring, Learning Labs and Other Resources

Our services, including tutoring and learning support, are all free to any Nazareth student.

We can help reinforce course content and strengthen study skills, memorization techniques, note-taking skills, and methods to stay organized. All of our tutors are qualified, trained students who have been recommended by instructors.

Format: Tutoring services are available mostly in-person. There may be some opportunity for online tutoring through Zoom meetings.

For Student Success tutoring, please use the link in the gold "request a tutor" box on this page.

For other learning centers, see the centers' websites and contact information below.

Tutoring by peers and grad students
Learning Labs for small groups
Graduate student tutoring
Logic Lab (help with philosophy)
Writing Center
Math Center
Emerson Language Lab

Request a Tutor

Request a Tutor for Spring 2024

Once you submit a request, you will be matched with a tutor. Please email tutoring@mail.naz.edu if you need any assistance.

Become a Tutor

Become a Tutor for Spring 2024

You must have at least a 3.0 GPA and have completed the course(s) you wish to tutor with at least a B+. Please read the Tutoring @ Naz Overview.

Please watch for, read carefully, and complete the additional steps in the confirmation e-mail message you will receive after applying.