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Donating Gifts of Stock

Making a gift with appreciated stock is an exceptionally prudent way to support Nazareth College. By giving stock instead of cash, you will save on capital gains, receive an income tax deduction for a charitable gift, and enable Nazareth College to provide the best educational opportunities for our students.

Nazareth College prefers to accept gifts of stock that have been electronically transferred into the school’s account with Smith Barney. Please notify Nazareth College of your intentions prior to the transfer. To transfer stock, please follow these steps:

  1. Have your broker call our agent at Morgan Stanley.
    Listed below, with your name, type of stock, number of shares, and the purpose of the gift (what area of the college is it to be designated):

    Karen Kenyon

  2. Your broker will need the following information to transfer the stock:

    Morgan Stanley
    DTC (electronic transfer account): #0015
    Nazareth Account Number: 881-124170-406
    Nazareth College EIN #: please contact Perry Lenz, advancement services at 585-389-2423 or

  3. In order to properly credit your gift with Nazareth College, have your broker inform the College about the transfer.

    Contact: Perry Lenz, advancement services at 585-389-2423.

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Perry Koppers Lenz

Perry Koppers Lenz

Manager of Advancement Services in Development
Golisano Academic Center 183