Daan Braveman on the steps of Smyth Hall

Thank You Daan

Over his 15-year tenure, President Daan Braveman has been a visionary leader for Nazareth College, setting a strategic course of growth, stability, and forward momentum that will carry us into the future. A champion for student-centered initiatives and success, he has used this foundation to lead the charge for new academic programs, innovative centers, and state-of-the-art buildings that have energized the College and community.

Tribute Messages

Thank you Daan, for your unwavering commitment to Nazareth College, your belief in the importance of students and education, and your deeply-held belief that the values and mission of the College can make a difference in the world around us.

Community: Please share a message for Daan Braveman as his retirement from Nazareth College approaches.

  • tom-golisano-daan-braveman_RS209281.jpg
    Tom Golisano, Golisano Foundation, entrepreneur, civic leader, philanthropist and the founder and chairman of Paychex: Daan, Congratulations on your retirement as president of Nazareth College. This virtual send-off is not what the community had planned for a celebration but it’s the best we can do under the circumstances. I’d like you to know the Golisano Training Center at Nazareth is one of the most rewarding of my philanthropic endeavors. Your vision to build a new facility to accommodate and benefit athletes of all abilities was bold and innovative. The new Training Center clearly demonstrates Nazareth’s commitment — and yours — to build understanding, acceptance, and inclusion between and among all people. Wishing you well in retirement.
  • Ann Costello, Golisano Foundation executive director: Daan, congratulations on your retirement! Since I wasn’t able to give my 2020 commencement speech let me share a snippet of it here: “There’s an old axiom about real estate. It states that the three most important things in real estate are “location,” “location,” “location.” The same holds true for “community.” The three most important things in “community,” are “inclusion,” “inclusion,” “inclusion.” There’s an interesting chemical reaction when “location” meets “inclusion.” So with that in mind, the Golisano Foundation realized that the 150 acres at Nazareth College was not just a location but a location that shared our mission, a mission of inclusion. We never looked back, and the Golisano Training Center at Nazareth College became not just an architect’s drawing but a movement; not just a facility, but a commitment; and not just a destination but a determination. Thank you for instilling these values in your students, our future leaders, and being our partner in the “Inclusion Revolution.” With all best wishes.
  • Lissa McAnarney, trustee: You have transformed all facets of Nazareth’s academic mission through your vision and thoughtful leadership. You have built upon the many strengths of the college including students, personnel, and physical environment, all led by your moral and ethical principles. Despite all the expected and unexpected challenges, you have grounded the present and the future in the context of our history, which in uncertain times is reassuring. It has been a privilege to serve with you on Nazareth’s Board of Trustees and I look forward to working with you in the future on behalf of our community. With deepest gratitude to you and Lorraine.

  • Steve, trustee, & Lynn Natapow: I have known Daan for many more than his 15 years at Naz but these years as president have been most memorable. He has become a great friend not only to me but the entire community. His dedication to his students and staff is over the top. His tenure has moved Nazareth College to the next generation of higher education and he will forever be remembered as a great leader but more importantly a true friend. My very best to you and Lorraine looking forward to enjoying your family and friends. Stay well and enjoy those grandchildren.
  • Jenny Giessler '95, alumni board president: Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of watching the school I love grow in size and stature under your exceptional leadership. Because that leadership is guided by the same humble but reaching vision of our founding Sisters, the ties that connect all members of the Nazareth community - a sense of compassion, desire for social justice, passion for inquiry and engagement in the larger world - continue to define us. On behalf of the Alumni Association, I wish you the very best as you begin your next chapter. Remember that Nazareth’s doors will always be open to you.

  • Tim Fournier, chair, board of trustees: You have been the catalyst in transforming Nazareth into the wonderful community it is today. You have championed inclusiveness and belonging, encouraged innovative thinking and solutions, and through your ability to listen, be transparent, yet passionate and decisive, you have brought the campus community together. All qualities of a dynamic, successful leader! Daan, my friend, you have accomplished so much more than building a strong foundation for Naz. You have taken us on a journey to new heights and positioned the College to tackle any headwinds and seize new opportunities that will come our way - thank you, thank you, thank you! My very best to you and Lorraine.
  • Cindy Lowenguth ‘73, ‘76G: Thank you, Daan, for your wise leadership as Nazareth's 9th president for the past 15 years. During your extraordinary tenure, the College has grown tremendously and purposefully, never losing sight of its mission to prepare students through a well-rounded education for meaningful careers while instilling the value of service to community. You will be missed very much, Daan, but your mark on Nazareth will be lasting, contributing to generations of future Nazareth students. May you and Lorraine enjoy many years of good health and much happiness.
  • Duffy Palmer, trustee, & Mark Siwiec: Congratulations President Daan Braveman as you complete your amazing 15-year career as the leader of Nazareth College. We are most thankful for your contributions to the College community and to the greater Rochester community in general. You have made an incredible difference in all of our lives and have left your own personal indelible mark throughout the WNY region. You have raised the profile of quality higher education and have created a personal legacy that will forever be honored and praised. We are pleased to have worked with you and fortunate to know both you and Lorraine as dear and loyal friends. With great respect and love.
  • Rosemarie Scherer Burke '58 & Bill Burke: Daan, you have been the "BEST." Nazareth was fortunate to have you as president!!! Thank you for your leadership in moving the college forward to a learning center of distinction on the local, national, and international level. You readily communicated that your focus was on what was best for the students and showed concern for the needs and interests of faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the larger community.

    With sincere appreciation for all you have done for Nazareth College, we send best wishes for all your future endeavors. Happy you and your family are staying in the area.
  • Heather Coles, faculty: Daan, you have been an inspiring leader. Two prominent stories come to mind about your support for the community through the College's mission and commitment to the on-campus clinics. You presented an honorary degree to a client with a severe brain injury who was a former Nazareth student. Her family was present in the lobby of the YWRI and by hosting a ceremony you created the moment of a lifetime for that family.

    You also made multiple visits to the clinic to observe as well as to thank and appreciate the clients and donors who contribute and participate in the interprofessional work on campus. Finally, I was thoroughly impressed as a new faculty member when you visited my office and were engaged and inquisitive about my interests at Nazareth.

    You will be missed tremendously by everyone in the Nazareth community and your impact will be long-lasting for generations to come. All the very best to you and your family in your retirement.
  • Mariel Mustello '21, '23G: President Braveman, I will never forget when you came over to my parents and I at accepted students day and had a conversation with us, it meant a lot. I especially appreciate how you always said hello to students around campus and want to thank you for your incredible support for community service and experiential learning on and off campus.
  • Kenneth Rhee, dean, School of Business and Leadership: Daan, Thank you so much for all you have accomplished since you began your tenure here at Nazareth College. Nazareth has transformed on multiple fronts and in many positive ways since you arrived.

    When people asked me why I chose to come to Nazareth College, one of the key reasons I told people was "Daan Braveman." During my visit to the campus, I was quite impressed with all you've accomplished and the great relationships you have with your faculty and staff. Of course, in person, I could easily see you are genuinely a kind and caring person who is also quite approachable.

    Now that you have more time to practice your golf, I am sure you will surpass us in your golfing skills, but knowing you, you will be focusing your time more on helping our community continue to grow and prosper. My only regret is that I have only worked with you for two short years.

    Good luck on your future endeavors, and once again, thank you for all you have done for our students, faculty, and staff. We will definitely miss you!

  • celestial_welcome_braveman_inauguration.jpeg.jpgKristen Shiner McGuire, faculty: It was my distinct pleasure to not only have attended Daan's inauguration in 2005, but to have written a piece of music for him specifically for the occasion. The Nazareth College Percussion Ensemble performed Celestial Welcome - a percussion octet for four mallet percussion instruments and four battery percussion. The accompanying photo shows a colorful array on stage in Callahan Theatre, where the excitement of the day was palpable! I post this message as a reminiscence and THANK YOU to Daan for your outstanding leadership for our community over the last 15 years. Celestial Welcome is now published by Alfred Publishing and has been performed around the world. There is an inscription about Daan's inauguration at Nazareth on the inside cover. Here is a link to the webpage, which also includes the audio from our performance: https://www.alfred.com/celestial-welcome/p/00-25972. Daan, you will be greatly missed. We send you off with blessings for fulfillment, good health, and joy in the next chapter with Lorraine.
  • Barb Egenhofer '88, HR Advisory Committee member: Daan, as a Nazareth Alum and member of the HR Advisory committee for over ten years, it has been an honor and a privilege to be part of the Naz fabric and to see the transformation the College has gone through during your tenure. Your leadership, continual challenge of the status quo, and commitment to both the College and our community comes through in all you do. Thank you for elevating Nazareth College to the amazing place it is today!
  • Kim McCluski, trustee emerita: In February 2003, when I became a member of the Nazareth Board of Trustees, one of the first assignments I had was to serve on a search committee. We were charged with finding the best person to serve as the next president of Nazareth College. We choose Daan and I have always thought we choose the perfect person! Over my 15 years as a trustee, I have enjoyed working on many different committees, projects and attending meetings with Daan. He is a wonderful leader both at the college and in our community. Daan has so many strengths! He truly listens to the thoughts and ideas the students, faculty and trustees have and is able to weave many different opinions into a great solution. Daan is also a great "out-of-the-box thinker" and has implemented so many incredible and innovative programs at Nazareth. Over the years he has served as president, the campus looks so different, with the many new and renovated buildings that have not only added beauty to the campus but have given Naz the space and technology to create and provide new classes and programs that are needed by students entering college in today's world. Both Daan and Lorraine make it a priority to attend many events in our community, as well as host many events in their home, and through those many connections great partnerships have formed. Their ability to talk about anything to anybody has made such a positive impact both at Nazareth and in the greater Rochester community. Steve and I are thrilled Daan and Lorraine will be staying in our community with their son, daughter-in-law and 3 adorable granddaughters. We are proud and happy to call them our friends. Happy Retirement Daan (and Lorraine)! And Daan....don't forget you and I learned how to flip omelettes together at one of those midnight, final exam time, dinners. I know your granddaughters are going to be very impressed with that skill!
  • Spiotta.6624edit.jpgDeanna Spiotta '09: I came to Nazareth for my freshman year in 2005, the same year that President Braveman came to Nazareth. My classmates and I consider him "our" president because we felt a special bond with him since we were all new to Nazareth together. It meant so much to me that he hosted "running with the President" nights at the track because it showed that he truly cared about the students and wanted to get to know us. I love that President Braveman has always been accessible to students, he is humble and always willing to learn and grow. Thank you, President Braveman for prioritizing the students, staff, and faculty of Nazareth College in order to make the college a great place to learn and live. We will miss you!
  • Sandy Parker, trustee: Daan- I have had the privilege of knowing you in three ways:
    • First - as my boss
    • Second- as one of your bosses
    • Finally and ongoing- as a dear friend!
  • Congratulations on your retirement! Many healthy and happy years ahead for you and Lorraine!
  • Lindsay Chassé '08, staff: I have had the pleasure of knowing Daan throughout his entire tenure as president of Nazareth College as a student, an alumna, and as a staff member. In all three roles, I watched our institution grow and improve, and have felt like a part of that growth and improvement the entire time, largely due to Daan's inclusive and transparent approach. I am grateful for the positive changes that have been made during this time, and can't imagine where we'd be without Daan's dynamic leadership.

    Daan: thank you for making Nazareth College an institution I love and for setting us on the path for continual improvement. We will miss your positive presence, dance-offs, flyer pride, and close connection to the community on a daily basis. I wish you and Lorraine all the best in this next chapter of your life, and hope to see you as a relaxed and totally-not-working patron of the Arts Center soon!
  • Nancy Griffin Shadd '64: Dear Daan: Sincere congratulations on your retirement! During your 15 years as president you have propelled Naz forward with your leadership and vision. There have been significant new faculty/student opportunities and academic programs, expansion of the campus with new buildings and services, and increased alumni and community support, to name a few of your accomplishments. We have all appreciated your tenure at Naz and thank you for your outstanding dedication to "the College we love." Warmest wishes for the very best in the months ahead.
  • Kevin Broderick '89, staff: Let me first say as a Nazareth coach, I have great appreciation for your "game-day intensity" and consistent presence at Nazareth athletic contests! Our student-athletes feel your competitiveness and support. Though this is important to our school, I admire even more how you have navigated Nazareth through many difficult times with courageous and ethical leadership. It has been comforting to know our leader would always do what was right in the most difficult of times. If I were your coach, I would want the ball in your hands at crunch time! Thank you for all you have done and the class in which you did it.
  • Matthew Temple, faculty: Daan, our paths on campus crossed most often in the locker room at lunchtime. While your major accomplishments are well-documented here and elsewhere, I will always remember and respect the humanity, insight, and compassion you shared in our conversations over the years. All the best!

  • Martin Gawel ‘89: I have had the pleasure of knowing Daan for the past two years. Since I live in Florida, my initial contact was a phone call followed by a dinner during 2019 reunion weekend. He originally reached out to me to discuss my gift to the College and thanked me personally. Our dinner was delightful and it felt like we have known each other for many, many years. When I left the dinner I told a fellow alum that Daan may be the most down-to-earth person I have ever met. We even discussed a future golf outing down here in Florida. In my honest opinion, Daan will be very difficult to replace within the Nazareth family. I wish him continued success in retirement.
  • Ed Leva ‘91U, trustee: I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Daan over the past two years on the Board of Trustees. He was a main reason that influenced me to join the Board. His strong leadership, creativity, and commitment to the college's academic and athletic programs have helped steer Nazareth to the great institution that it is today. We are forever grateful for his unwavering support and guidance over the past 15 years. His impact will be felt for many years to come not only at Nazareth, but also in the community at large. I wish Daan a healthy retirement and some much deserved time with his wonderful family. With much gratitude.
  • Lindsay Reading Korth, chair, Faculty Senate: I feel so lucky to have known Daan for the entire 15 years of his service to Nazareth. I distinctly remember his first speech to the faculty in Medaille Formal Lounge just after he had accepted the position. He expressed so much admiration for Nazareth and its commitment to community outreach and service. And I thought, wow, he really gets us. He really gets the legacy from the Sisters of St Joseph. I hadn’t been used to being inspired by our leadership. That day, and throughout his tenure here, I have repeatedly found myself inspired by Daan Braveman. Here is a man who “walks the talk.” As I think of all the ways that Daan has tied Nazareth to the community, they include so many partnerships: his participation in The March, Bearing Witness to Hope, and the links he established to the cultural organizations like Rochester City Ballet, and Garth Fagan Dance, and most recently, the Special Olympics. As the chair of the Faculty Senate, I have to express gratitude for Daan’s demonstrated commitment to shared governance. He actively encouraged the formation of the Faculty Senate and signed our shared governance agreement immediately. Most impressive is Daan’s working with the trustees to include faculty representation on the board and its committees. A master teacher himself, it has always been apparent that he likes the faculty and loves the students. He listens actively to every part of the college (staff, faculty, and students) so that when he makes a decision he is already aware of how it will impact different constituencies. But I think what I will miss most is Daan’s enthusiasm for a new project. When he believes in an idea and is beginning to see the steps to fruition he kind of lights up a room as he dreams and describes his dream. This was true when I first worked with him on renovating the Arts Center — but also as he described the public spaces of Peckham, or the creation of the Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies, or in holding a campus-wide Passover. His energy, his ethics, and his commitment are all infectious. We will miss that. We will miss him.

  • Yolanda Benitez ‘84, trustee: It’s been an inspiration to see the transformative growth of Nazareth College under your progressive leadership. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to students, staff, faculty, trustees and the Rochester community. Thank you for helping lead the work to promote and strengthen a sense of community and belonging and making experiential learning a cornerstone of the College. Your humor, passion, caring, and thoughtful nature will be truly missed. Wishing you a wonderful long & adventurous retirement.
  • Joanie Fitzgerald, Nazareth staff: When I think back on the last 15 years at Nazareth – I am struck by all the changes that have occurred under your leadership. And not just the brick & mortar changes which are so impressive and too numerous to list here! I remember hearing you once say that colleges are obligated to give back to their communities and Naz has become a model of service during your tenure. From the York WRI clinics to the Golisano Training Center and partnership with Special Olympics and the multitude of civic engagement opportunities offered our students, we soar high! I am proud to say I work at Nazareth College. Thank you.
  • Jim Ockenden ‘83U, trustee: Nazareth College and our entire community are beyond blessed to have had you and Lorraine with us for the past 15 years. While we all will have a great sense of loss as you move on, please know that we also have a sense of great gratitude and appreciation for all you both have done during your time here with us. The strong foundation, genuine relationships and amazing teams you have built will continue to provide us great confidence towards the future successes of the College, and for that we can't say thank you enough. Many, many thanks.

  • Dianne Oliver, dean, College of Arts & Sciences: When I was making the decision to move with my family halfway across the country to take a position at Nazareth College, Daan Braveman was a key part of that choice. In my interview with Daan, he didn’t ask about my credentials as much as he wanted to know how I thought through things, what I valued, and what kind of future I imagined. Such a collaborative spirit is not found in all college presidents, but it is found in great ones. Daan cares genuinely about students, about the community, about justice, and about service, but it is his particular way of living out those commitments from a place of deep integrity that I respect above all else. Thank you, Daan, for being the leader Naz has needed for these past 15 years.
  • Kristina Martin '16G, staff: As you soon begin your retirement, I reflect on all the positive changes that have happened at Nazareth since I joined the campus in August 2014. I admire the commitment you have shown to all of us, mostly importantly our students. Your work to enhance our Naz community, the Rochester community and beyond will always be valued and remembered. I know you will have countless memories to look back upon, but also new memories to create with your family and friends. I hope your next adventures bring you tremendous happiness, and I wish you the very best.
  • Jeanette Land '58: Daan, you are a man of vision, inclusion, determination, leadership, and excellence, with an outgoing, embracing personality. Under your leadership, Nazareth has remained an excellent institution of learning, while becoming a viable and valued force in the community. The first time I met you in Florida 13 years ago, you greeted me like an old friend. May God bless you abundantly in your retirement, my friend.
  • Scalise.Daan.crop.jpgMike Scalise ’06, ‘12G, staff: Over the past 15 years, I’ve experienced Daan’s inspirational leadership as an undergraduate student, graduate student, and staff member. Regardless of my role, it has always been clear that he has an unparalleled passion for Nazareth. Whether it's delivering the State of the College addresses where he would frequently highlight the recent achievements of the College, guest lecturing in my graduate class on leadership style, or striking up a conversation in the locker room, he holds the College to a high standard while simultaneously offering his sincere gratitude for the work each community member has done to make Nazareth a great place to be. On a sillier level, I’ll never forget in 2011 when Daan agreed to a dance off if at least 50% of the graduating class contributed toward the class gift. Not only did Daan rise to the challenge and dance to a medley of songs in front of the entire college, but he also donated to the class to help them achieve their goal. That’s the kind of person Daan is. He has made a lasting impression on the institution and he will be deeply missed.
  • Carl Christensen, parent: Thank you on behalf of my daughter, Kierstyn. She just finished her junior year and has loved her experience so far. From the first visit she knew that Naz would be a great fit. While this year didn't finish the way anyone could envision, she still had a great experience and finished with a 4.0. One of her great disappointments was that you were not able to hold the Midnight breakfast. She was very sad that she would not get a last "omelette from Dr. Braveman". You have made a lasting impact on the students. Thank you for everything!
  • Debbie Stendardi, VP for Government & Community Relations, RIT: Dear Daan, I can't begin to express how much you will be missed as a higher education leader in this community. Having worked with many of our area's college and university presidents over the past four decades in the Rochester region, you are truly one of my all-time favorite presidents that I have had the privilege to work with on behalf of the academy of higher education. Your incomparable spirit of collaboration and indomitable optimism are the first things that come to mind. There hasn't been one time when I have reached out to you on an issue, an event or to make a critical phone call for advocacy on a topic of mutual interest when you have not stepped up to help out. You have been genuine and approachable, as well as pragmatic and innovative. I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with you. I'm glad to know that you will continue to reside in the community, and I have no doubt that you will remain engaged in helping the region to move forward because I know you care as deeply about this community as I do. Thank you for all that you have done for Nazareth College, your faculty, staff and students, higher education and the greater Rochester region. We are all the better for your leadership, commitment and dedication. All the best to you and Lorraine for a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement.
  • swbr_daan_braveman_retirement_message.jpgMark Maddalina '87: On behalf of SWBR, we wish you well in all your future endeavors and are so grateful to be able to say thank you to President Braveman. It has been incredible to see the growth of Nazareth College over the past 15 years. That growth has been meaningful because Daan didn’t build buildings as much as he built “bridges” with the community. He built initiatives and a vision for Nazareth College. We have had the great privilege of working with Daan on many transformative projects on campus, during which Daan brought people together and that was reflected in everything he did. His emphasis on College and Community has made every project he has initiated inspirational. Nazareth is stronger and better positioned for the future. Thank you for your leadership.
  • Muhammad Shafiq, faculty: Daan Braveman's fifteen years of service to Nazareth College will be remembered and celebrated. Nazareth is a small liberal arts college, but it is due to his efforts that today our college is academically respected and known worldwide. His stand for social justice, racial and gender equity, and interfaith respectful coexistence is another hallmark of his career and achievements. I thank him on his retirement for his dedicated services to our college, and wish him and his family the best forever.
  • Andy Morris, staff: Daan, congratulations on your retirement! I am so grateful for the leadership you have provided in your tenure as president. Beyond the many major achievements and substantial ways you have propelled the college into the future, what I have appreciated the most about your leadership are the ways you interact with and build the Nazareth community: Your enthusiasm and excitement shining through as you greet students and families on move-in day; your keen intellect and thoughtfulness as you engage in meetings with faculty and staff; your vision, wisdom, and steadfast moral compass as you address audiences in the Forum or the chapel. In all of these and so many other examples, you have made Nazareth a better place through your genuine care and concern for the people who call Nazareth home. Thank you.
  • Peggy Martin, former staff: If I am asked who I admire and respect the most during my 25+ years in Advancement, without hesitation, it's President Daan Braveman. Thank you Daan, for your guidance, friendship, and leadership in our community. You truly "paid it forward" for many generations to come. You will be missed!
  • Jennifer Diana '12: One of my favorite memories from Nazareth is being in the a cappella group Call4Backup. One night at rehearsal we found out you had invited us to perform at a donors party that would be hosted at your house, and after much excitement and preparation we arrived, ready to perform a few numbers and head back to campus. Instead we were welcomed as guests, you introduced us and applauded like a proud parent would for their own kids, and personally introduced us to those that we only knew from their names on the buildings we studied in. It was a surreal experience that I will never forget, but not because of the company we kept, or the excitement of a live performance, but for the way we were treated like members of a family. And we are. Naz is and always will be my family. But it starts with those we look up to. So thank you for everything you have done for our dear school, before, during and after my time there. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful community you built for us!
  • Kristen Green, staff: Daan, It has been an honor and pleasure to have spent the last 15 years working under your leadership. Your unwavering commitment to Nazareth and its students, staff and faculty has been inspiring. I will most remember your optimism, honesty, and vision that have brought Nazareth forward and positioned it for success in the future. Best wishes to you and Lorraine as you move into an exciting new chapter.
  • Debbie Mathewson '88, staff: Congratulations Daan! When we started CARS in 2012, we had no idea where it would lead. You have always been one of our strongest supporters and advocates as you engaged with the students and their work. Always approachable and easy to work with, you will be missed! All the best in your new adventures.
  • Meaghan Robinson '07: Thank you for your incredible support and leadership at Nazareth and through our many planning meetings and experiences on the March. What a gift it was to travel with you twice, and with Lorraine and Adam too! You brought wisdom and much needed levity to very challenging situations and conversations. Thank you for always reminding us to make a difference in our circles, our own communities. And thanks for singing Kumbaya with me and participating in expressive dancing just to make us all laugh on our trips. May you enjoy your beautiful family as you embark on this special chapter of life. I will look forward to seeing you around the community. Thank you for your vision and commitment to a gem of a college!
  • Marie (Mimi) Baglio ‘57: I first met Daan Braveman at a luncheon for my 50th year reunion from Nazareth. That was 13 years ago. I could use all the superlative adjectives there are about him. He’s charming, generous, brilliant, kind, energetic and handsome. But the thing most meaningful to me is that part of his name that IS so true! He’s BRAVE! I’ve always loved Nazareth, even when there were only 3 buildings there to love. Now, I love Nazareth more than ever because Daan has given me so much more to love. He's made Nazareth into a thriving, thrilling, tantalizing immortal thing of beauty and knowledge for all of us to praise and enjoy. Blessings to you Daan as you go forth to do more great things.
  • Andy Gallina, trustee: Thank you for this opportunity to express my personal thanks to Daan for all he has done for the Nazareth College community, as well as the entire Rochester community. In my time as a college trustee, I have witnessed Daan’s uncanny ability to engage the board members in ways that have so positively impacted the college. He is not hesitant to ask and address tough issues, which has pushed Nazareth to new heights. His accomplishments may be too many to discuss here, but through his leadership, the campus has been transformed with new facilities and upgrades to others. He has always promoted the importance of the student experience while at Nazareth, which has paid tremendous dividends to all of us engaged with the college. I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve on the board of trustees under Daan’s tenure and cherish his leadership and friendship. Daan will certainly be missed, but his mark on Nazareth College will last forever. With warmest regards.

  • Jeff Van Gundy ‘85: Daan, When I think of leadership, I think of four components. 1. Competence 2. Sincerity 3. Reliability 4. Trustworthiness. You embody each of these traits. The Nazareth College community could FEEL your leadership because you have true integrity. For all of the alumni, I want to say THANK YOU for an incredible run at Nazareth. And for all the athletes past and present, you gave our Division 3 program a big-time feel. I hope your next endeavor is as successful as your time leading our great college!
  • James A. Costanza, trustee: It’s hard to believe that June has arrived. Although I’m sure no one anticipated the current conditions, one silver lining to this ordeal is being actively engaged with you to the very end of your tenure. Our Tuesday meetings are just another testament to your character, leadership, and devotion. Know that it has been my privilege to work with you for the last decade and a half, and it is as much a pleasure to continue to do so. Although we all share concerns for the future, you have provided a strong foundation for the college to withstand the concussive waves of uncertainty we now face. Please accept my sincere thanks for all you have done for the college, and for me, and I hope our paths cross often. Enjoy more time with Lorraine, who as you have always said, is the real boss. After such a productive life, it is time to adjust the mix with more travel, more grandchildren, and more Lorraine. And to that mix, I hope Andrea and I can get you and Lorraine to dinner every now and then.
  • Keith Woedy ‘85, trustee, & Cindy Woedy: It has been my honor and pleasure to get to know you and have the ability to work with you together on the Nazareth College board of trustees. It is going to be very difficult for the Nazareth community to replace a leader such as yourself. I would like to thank you for all you have done over the years, it means more than you know to the alumni of this great college. I wish you and Lorraine the very best in retirement and I hope I get to see you around Rochester when I come up! Cheers to you both and our warmest regards!

  • Sergio Esteban, trustee, & Mary Ann Esteban: Thank you for your legacy and the mark you are leaving in the history of Nazareth College. Your leadership has guided the College to reach a level that many of us wouldn't even imagine could be achieved. Thank you for your humbleness and inspiration for all of us around you. You and Lorraine will remain in our hearts and we wish you the best of times with your family and loved ones as you begin this exciting time in your life.
  • Sandy Parker, trustee: Daan, In the 15 years you have been president, Nazareth College has been transformed. Your leadership has enabled the College to become one of the true jewels of our community. You have also become a community leader diving in to work on major issues that face our region. Perhaps the lasting memory I will have for you is you being a great husband, father and friend. May you have many more happy and productive years ahead!
  • Brian Cooper, trustee: Daan, your fantastic leadership has led Nazareth ever closer to fulfilling its ideals. I feel so fortunate, honored really, that you asked me to serve on the board of trustees to take part in that journey. Margueritte and I wish you and Lorraine the best in whatever comes next!
  • NAZRS171574Daan.JohnDrain.cropped.jpg John Drain, trustee: I had the pleasure of meeting Daan for the first time at an alumni event in Philadelphia over ten years ago. I was immediately impressed by his evident enthusiasm for the students and the College and knew we were in good hands. During his tenure, Daan has been a passionate and capable leader focused on the success of others and the Nazareth Community: the students, faculty, and all those who contribute every day to the prosperity of Nazareth College. He has been a motivator and visionary, inspiring others to live the values and aspirations of Nazareth College. There is no doubt the life of every single student over the past 15-years has been enriched because of Daan's leadership. His vision and execution have transformed the Nazareth Campus and created a solid foundation for the future. It has been my honor to serve as a Trustee of the College and witness Daan's passion and ability to steward a winning formula for success. Daan, congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for all you have done for the Nazareth and Rochester communities. I wish you good health and all the happiness you deserve.
  • Yuanting Zhao, faculty: Daan has been a champion of the visual and performing arts! We have always seen Daan in the audience to support our students at our main stage productions, page to stage, new students' spotlight, and senior showcase. His support and encouragement mean a great deal to the Theatre and Dance Department. We will remember the time of Daan's leadership fondly. Daan, you will be missed!
  • Emily Pelkowski, staff: When I think of my experiences within institutions of higher education, I've never known a president who was more visible, accessible, and genuine than you have been. I remember how surprised I was the first time I saw you working out in the campus gym, but then I saw you eating in the dining hall and I thought, clearly he values his campus community if he's willing to be such a presence in it. I would be remiss not to mention how much I appreciate your support of the Center for Life's Work, which I believe is one of the most innovate and forward-thinking "career services" departments in higher education.

    You haven't just talked the talk, Daan, you've walked the walk, and I'm so grateful for your leadership. Wishing you the very best as you begin your next chapter.
  • Ian Mortimer, former VP, Enrollment Management: Daan, thank you for the opportunity to be a member of the Nazareth College community. I recall fondly the moments in your office for which ideas were assessed, the best next step was debated, and I could just let my guard down and we talked about anything. I believe one of your greatest talents is the ability to manage the pace of Nazareth College: When the pace needed to be picked up because of a looming threat or opportunity, the pace accelerated; and when the pace needed to slow down for good reasons; you knew how to throttle it down to keep the community intact. Because of that talent, Nazareth has been stable and your career has been filled with chapter upon chapter of successes. I appreciate your kindness, availability, and your presence in this wild world. I hope the newest chapter, in your new book, brings you as much joy as your Nazareth story. With appreciation, Ian.
  • Deborah Curtis, current parent: Thank you on behalf of my husband, myself, and our son, Jared. In August 2017 when we moved Jared onto campus for the first time, you spoke, sharing your own experience as a parent leaving a student at college by saying, "What began that day was one of the most rewarding things as a parent. We saw the beginnings of his transformation from a teenager to an adult." As our son approaches his senior year at Nazareth, numerous times I have found myself remembering this line - early on as I silently (or not so silently) questioned some action Jared had made and more recently, as I have observed from afar Jared's emergence as a capable twenty-something adult. Over the last three years as we visited Jared on campus and attended some theatre performances, I was pleased and surprised to see you in attendance at campus activities, proving that you not only supported campus activities in theory but that you participated in the activities in person. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and for the part you have had in providing opportunities for the students of Nazareth College.
  • Eileen Maroney Saucier, current parent: Dear President Braveman, I wanted to say on behalf of my family, we send heartfelt congratulations on your retirement. My father taught with you many years ago at Syracuse University College of Law and my daughter, McKenna Purcell, just completed her freshman year at Naz. Your compassion for teaching and learning is genuine and will be greatly missed. Your leadership is second to none and we wish you all the best.
  • Laley.2850.cropped.jpgKevin Laley '06, faculty: Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Braveman! As a senior during your first year as president of the College, you made a lasting impression on our class and made the final year of our Nazareth experience a great one. You always went out of your way to be visible on campus and made a point to get to know each one of us. Whether it was running a lap before class on the track at the "new" stadium or stopping for a photo with my wife and I before we got married at the Linehan Chapel in 2015, you always went out of your way to make Nazareth the welcoming place it is today. Thank you for all that you've done and best wishes for a long, happy retirement ahead.
  • Rose Hair, faculty: Daan, I'm incredibly grateful to have spent almost the first ten years of my time at Nazareth under your leadership. You have risen to every challenge and celebrated every success with grace and positivity, humor, when needed and humanity - always. Your words and deeds will remain in the heart, bones, and spirit of this College. I wish you all good things for the future. Thank you.

  • Barbara Staropoli SSJ, professor emerita: It's hard for me to believe that you became president of Nazareth after I "retired" to become part of the Leadership Team of the SSJs. The fact that I have felt so close to you and Lorraine during these 15 years speaks to your ability to have a broad range of relationships. The one that most touches me is your willingness to get to know the Sisters of St. Joseph, not only as Founders of Nazareth many years ago, but as women who have become your friends and supporters. It has been a privilege to observe and sometimes be part of your efforts to carry on the founding spirit of Nazareth and to bring this spirit into a new age. I will miss you very much but I hope our paths will cross in the future. Thank you!
  • Mike McGwin '93, '00G, staff, parent: Daan, I believe it was at your inauguration when you recited the opening lines to the "The Weight" by The Band. "Pulled into Nazareth...." My memory of that song will always be connected to you and your use of it in your speeches. Since that point you have done so much for the Nazareth community. Additional programs, buildings, and sports have been added. The growth has been unprecedented. You also personally gave me leadership opportunities that I will always be thankful for. I will be sure to sit near you at a basketball game, so I know someone will keep the referees in check. All the best to you and Lorraine on this next chapter.
  • Carol Brownstein-Evans, faculty: Thank you for a wonderful 15 years working under your leadership that included so many initiatives and successes at the College. Above all, I have most appreciated that we could always count on your leadership messages and responses to set the tone and the commitment whenever there was a significant college, national, or global event. Your compassion and commitment to racial justice and civil rights have always come through. Thank you for the support of the MSW program and helping us to become the Nazareth College MSW program and participate fully in the School of Health and Human Services and in the life of the College. We are so much better for being here. A special joy was running into you in the hallways of Smyth Hall or on campus and being able to introduce one or more students or applicants to you. They would always walk away saying, "That was the college president, and I just met him? " They would be so impressed that in your role and in this college, connections like that happen. You will be missed greatly, but your legacy will be most cherished. With much gratitude, Carol
  • Khalil Williams '18: Dear Daan Braveman, First, I want to thank you for your tireless dedication to the Nazareth College and Rochester communities over the years. Your leadership, advocacy, encouragement, and solidarity have left a positive imprint on all of our lives. I also want to thank you again for when you took time out of your very busy schedule to meet with me in your office as I was figuring out my post-undergrad and law school plans. You were welcoming, kind, and patient, and shared invaluable pieces of advice and wisdom that helped me figure out the best path for me to take at that time. I am now going into my third year of law school, and I am very grateful for your support during my time at Naz, which helped me make this journey possible. I pray that you enjoy this new chapter in your life and that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy during these times. Nazareth College is truly a special place—a second home to me—and it is because of the work you have done to make that a reality.

Daan Braveman teaching a class

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The newly established Braveman SPARK Fund honors President Braveman’s passion and commitment to providing real-world learning opportunities in research, internships, and study-abroad for Nazareth’s students.

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His Impact


"Daan has an innate ability in developing a vision and focusing on its execution by humbly seeking ideas and achieving support from his senior team and the entire Nazareth Community."

Sergio Esteban, Nazareth College trustee


"Under President Braveman’s leadership, Nazareth’s unwavering focus and investment in academic programs and student success has paid dividends."

Timothy Fournier, chair of the Nazareth College board of trustees; chairman and CEO of Conifer Realty, LLC


"Daan's deeply held belief that there can and should be alignment between college and community has resulted in transformational change for Nazareth and the greater Rochester community"

Sandy Parker, Nazareth College trustee, and Rochester Business Alliance retired president and CEO

During his presidency, President Braveman created and implemented innovative initiatives, and built new and enhanced buildings in support of Nazareth's academic goals:

Academic Programs of Distinction
Expanded Student Development
Creative Use of Resources
Enrollment Growth
Major Campus/Community Improvements
Expanded College Visibility

Emily Carpenter working with a student

Center for Life's Work

Innovative center partners with students to create a path from college to careers and lives of meaning. Integrates with expanded international programs, and launch of SPARK Grants to provide access.

student conducting research in the field

SPARK Grants

Experiential learning opportunities for students underwritten by SPARK Grants create internship, study abroad, and research opportunities

student reading in Peckham Hall

Student Development

Expanded student development with focus on student success initiatives, Center for Student Success, Veterans program, Young Scholars

international student with globe

Diverse Campus Community

Nazareth's commitment to diversity and inclusion: Community of Belonging division; Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies & Dialogue; Konar Center for Tolerance & Jewish Studies; Golisano Training Center

Daan Braveman

Making a Difference

On the remarkable 15-year legacy of President Daan Braveman.

Read the article



  • President Daan Braveman inaugurated


  • Campaign for College and Community — Nazareth's first comprehensive campaign kicks off


  • Arts Center renovations grand opening


  • Brian and Jean Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue opens


  • Peckham Hall grand opening


  • Campaign for College and Community successfully closes — record $49 million comprehensive campaign


  • York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute grand opening
  • Nursing program renovations/upgrades completed


  • Mid-States Accreditation achieved
  • Center for Life’s Work established


  • Garen Garden/fountain dedication
  • Division of Community & Belonging established


  • Glazer Music Performance Center grand opening
  • Nazareth Annual Fund tops $1M


  • Golisano Training Center grand opening
  • Konar Center for Tolerance and Jewish Studies opens