Partners for Learning

The national-award-winning Partners for Learning program engages Nazareth students in partnerships with the children, teachers, and staff of six urban sites: School #9, School #42, School #46, the Discovery Charter School, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rochester, and Nativity Preparatory Academy. These partnerships are designed to help raise the academic performance and educational aspirations of the children, while heightening the social awareness and sharpening the professional skills of Nazareth students.

Open to all academic majors, Partners for Learning is part of the federal work-study program. 

One-on-One and Small Group Tutoring

Partners work in classrooms at School #4, School #9, School #42, School #46, the Discovery Charter School, and Hope Hall with small groups or one-on-one with students, and their work is usually assigned and supervised by individual teachers. Nazareth students gain experience in a school setting and supporting students in a variety of subject areas.

After School Programs

The Southwest Area Neighborhood Center and Nativity Preparatory Academy programs provide Partners with the experience of an after-school tutoring program. Nazareth students work one-on-one with students who have been recommended by teachers for extra help in specific areas. Partners get experience in planning and developing materials necessary for tutoring.

Program Details

Partners are required to attend six workshops and reflection groups each semester. These cover a variety of topics that relate to issues that are pertinent to the work, such as: classroom management, diversity and cultural competencies, and urban education. This format includes input from Nazareth faculty, teachers and administrators from sites with opportunities for small group discussions.

Nazareth students who serve in the Partners for Learning Program are compensated through federal work-study and college employment funds.


The Partners Council consists of experienced Partners who assist in the leadership of the program and are Site Coordinators who serve as a liaison between Partners for Learning and their site. The Council members:

  • Help with the orientation of new students.
  • Work with the Staff Coordinator and Student Coordinators regarding staffing assignments.
  • Establish the goals of the Partners for Learning program.
  • Give input for reflection groups and workshops.
  • Work together to resolve program challenges.
  • Communicate with teachers, administrators, and community members to ensure program quality. 


Partners for Learning is an approved pathway for Experiential Learning, which is one component of the core curriculum at Naz.

Cassandra Matalavage

Student Spotlight

"We're building a relationship with them and showing they can be someone in life," says Cassandra "Cassie" Matalavage '17. She began tutoring elementary students during her freshman year. Read how the experience gave her new perspective on the lives of low-income families, on her own skills and strengths, and on how she can influence the lives of others. Read the full story.