Why Choose Nazareth for Communication and Media?

Writing clearly, speaking effectively, and making a cogent argument are useful in virtually every field and in all aspects of life. Mastery of communication gives students a competitive edge in gaining employment in fields such as business, law, and media—anywhere writing and critical thinking skills are required. The ability to communicate effectively is a lifelong skill that gives students the power to inform, persuade, inspire, and foster change.

The communication and media degree program at Nazareth College prepares students to become effective communicators in spoken, written, and visual forms. Students also develop valuable technical skills in designing print and digital media. The comprehensiveness of the major results in a versatile skill set and diverse employment opportunities.

Program Highlights

  • Communication majors have the flexibility to pick their areas of interest, such as marketing, public relations, journalism, screenwriting, graphic design, and technical writing.
  • A lively mixture of lecture, discussion, small group work, case studies, and hands-on work build both a strong liberal arts background and practical experience.
  • All students receive direct pre-professional training in the form of internships and seminar projects conducted in consultation with local businesses.
  • The major's comprehensive writing training has yielded numerous student conference presentations and awards.
  • Students have a high success rate for employment and graduate school placement.

Typical Class Schedule


Projected Course Offerings

Fall 2014
Spring 2015

Contact Information

Lisa G. Perks

Lisa G. Perks

Assistant Professor and Director of Communication & Media Program
Golisano Academic Center 495
Judith Sully, alumna of the communication degree program, communication major at Nazareth College

Alumni Spotlight: Judith Sully '11

Social Media Analyst, AETEA Information Technology

"I love the type of work I do because it is seen as a revolutionary and non-traditional way of marketing. That being said, I have the opportunity of paving and building this field for the next generation." More Alumni Profiles

Example Careers

  • Desktop publishing specialist
  • Editor
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Media company account coordinator
  • Publishing associate
  • Social media analyst
  • Technical writer

Internships/Field Experiences

  • Associated Reporters Abroad, Berlin, Germany
  • Paychex, Inc.
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western New York
  • Archer Communication, Inc.

Graduate Schools

Our students have pursued graduate degrees in communication, library science, law, public relations, and public policy at these institutions:

  • Columbia University
  • Emerson College
  • Indiana University
  • Syracuse University
  • University at Buffalo


  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Tipping Point Media
  • Nome Community Center, AK
Dr. Carlnita Greene; professor of communication degree program, communication major in Rochester, NY

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Carlnita Greene

Dr. Greene has published on subjects such as identity and style, nostalgia, and food culture. Her most recent publication is Food as Communication, Communication as Food, which examines the ways in which food functions as a form of communication.