Graduate Admissions

Graduate FAQ

Is there a fee to apply?
How will I know if my application is complete?
What are your application deadlines?
When will I find out if I am accepted?
How many letters of recommendation are required?
How do I submit recommendation letters?
Do I need to take the GRE?
Do I need to take the GMAT?
Can I go part-time or full-time? What is considered full-time?
Your entry requirements list a 3.0 GPA; my undergrad GPA is less than a 3.0. Is it still possible for me to be accepted?
Can I take graduate classes on a non-matriculated basis?
I would like to know where I stand with the 60 liberal arts credits needed for initial certification education programs before I apply. Can I have a transcript evaluation?
I want to be a teacher. However, I wasn’t an education major in my undergraduate studies. Do you offer a program for me?
Do you offer programs in special education?
Do you accept transfer credits?
Is there on-campus housing for graduate students?
What does it mean to be “waitlisted”?
What if I am accepted to a program but cannot attend?
If I am denied to a program, can I reapply?
I already have a master’s degree. Can I take graduate courses at Nazareth?
How much is tuition?
What financial aid or scholarships are available for grad students?
Can I meet with someone for more information and/or take a tour before I apply?

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