Center for Civic Engagement

Ecuador: Sustainable Living

Social Issue/Focus Area: "food revolutions" — lessons in sustainable living, permaculture, and the food economy

When: Friday, March 6 – Sunday, March 15, 2020 (spring break)

Eligibility: SPARK-eligible students only

Description: With Operation Groundswell, you start in the hustle and bustle of Ecuador's capital, Quito, learn some Spanish, and gain a basic understanding of urban agriculture before heading out onto the altiplano (high plain) and down to Santo Domingo. Receive lessons in sustainable living and cultural re-vindication, as well as the art and science of permaculture.

Get your hands dirty growing food forests with the Tsa'chila communities on the Pacific slope, and make farm fresh honey at Bee Farm Shunku. Break bread with local farmers, educators, and activists to get to the roots of the food economy. Travel across a diverse landscape and see how Ecuador is growing a food revolution.

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