Solidarity and Social Justice Retreats

What is a Solidarity and Social Justice Retreat?

A Solidarity and Social Justice Retreat is an intentional opportunity for you to engage in learning about important social justice issues.

These retreats are designed to raise awareness about issues directly tied to the work of our community partners, and to examine the larger impact these issues have on the experience and social outcomes of the community members who face them. Upon returning from these experiences, students make a commitment to activism, diversity, education and acts of solidarity with the particular issue on the Nazareth campus, in our community, around the country, and in our world.

Civil Rights Journey: Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee

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Focus: Civil Rights

When:  January, annually

You will travel to historical sites in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee and meet with activists, historians and scholars. You will gain a deeper understanding of segregation and the ramifications of structural racism and become empowered to be an advocate for civil rights and to work against injustice everywhere. You will also learn about the Sisters of St. Joseph who participated in the civil rights struggle and the direct connection between Nazareth University and their foundational work at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Selma, Alabama. This was the only hospital and nursing school within 8 counties that served African American community members.

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The March Bearing Witness to Hope: Germany and Poland

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Focus: Holocaust and Genocide

When: May 2022

Description: You will study the Holocaust under the collective guidance of Holocaust scholars, survivors, and Israeli and Polish guides. On this 10-day trip, you will visit cities that were once vibrant Jewish communities, concentration and death camps engineered by the Third Reich, and historic locations commemorating acts of resistance and rescue in the face of the "final solution."

Details: The March

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Nazareth group outside National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn.

Civil Rights Journey 2023

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