Center for Civic Engagement

Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless

Social Issue/Focus Area: housing and homelessness

When: Saturday, March 7 – Saturday, March 14, 2020 (spring break)

Description: The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless (GCHC) partners with community organizations to offer an immersive experience focused on homelessness, youth education, hunger, community building, and self-preservation. Through meaningful direct service and social justice education, you'll gain understanding about homelessness issues such as hunger, gentrification, and how to become a community champion in the fight to end poverty and homelessness.

About this Organization: GCCH works toward the goal of eradicating homelessness, with respect for the dignity and diversity of its members, homeless people, and the community. GCCH coordinates service opportunities while educating and immersing groups in an urban environment through CUE, the Cincinnati Urban Experience. GCCH arranges for service opportunities at many of its 65+ member agencies.

Your Role

Mornings: Volunteer at local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other agencies that provide services to people lacking stable housing.

Afternoons: Through educational activities, learn about the root causes of homelessness and poverty. Hear from speakers, participate in team-building activities, and reflect on how you can get involved in dispelling myths and creating empathy rather than apathy. Learn the importance of advocacy to promote systemic change.

Your experiences with partner organizations may include:

  • Engage with youth in an after-school program at a soup kitchen.
  • Help make and distribute bagged lunches to community members.
  • Hear firsthand experiences of homelessness from veteran speakers.
  • Learn about wage theft and participate in action surrounding labor issues.
  • Prepare and serve a hot meal at a soup kitchen.
  • Clean, organize, and otherwise assist local non-profits.
  • Take neighborhood tours from locals who have seen many changes in recent years.

Program Details

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