Study Abroad Photo Contest

Nearly 150 Nazareth students traveled internationally during 2015, studying in or visiting 19 countries around the world, including Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, and Russia.

In the 2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest, sponsored by the Center for International Education, Nazareth students entered images in four categories—Landscape, Culture, Portrait, and Spirit. The photo with the most likes on Instagram received the People's Choice Award. Enjoy these winning images and experience the world through our travelers' eyes: the exotic places they've been, the extraordinary people they've seen, and the culturally significant moments they've experienced.

Photo Contest Judges

  • Kathleen Hansen, assistant director for overseas studies and exchanges, Center for International Education
  • Amy Schelemanow, publications manager/creative director, George Eastman Museum, Rochester 
  • Alex Shukoff, staff photographer, Marketing and Communications
Las Falleras

Culture—First Place

Jocelyn Hellested ’17, Las Falleras  
Studied in Valencia, Spain

“This photo was taken during Las Fallas, a celebration in the city of Valencia held in commemoration of Saint Joseph. It depicts two falleras in traditional dress standing in front of a falla.”

Culture—Second Place

Culture—Second Place

Natalie Burrows ’17, Frolicking Freunde at the Berlin Wall
Studied in Berlin, Germany

"On the Berlin trip, all we did was laugh from the very beginning. Here we are pictured giggling in front of the historic Berlin Wall East Side Gallery, not a week into our four-month journey, as the director of the program braves a VERY busy road in order to get the perfect picture."

Old Prague Square

Culture—Third Place

Stephanie McMahon ’16, Old Prague Square 
Studied in Veszprém, Hungary

“This photo was taken in Prague, Czech Republic, while I was student teaching in Hungary. Not only did I have the chance to work with the most amazing teachers and students, I was also able to travel on weekends and explore more of Europe. The weekend in Prague was one of my favorites, and I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how these men performed their street act. I would recommend this experience (or any study abroad experience) to anyone a hundred times over.”

Not So Lucky at the Love Parade

Culture—Honorable Mention

Ally Kadin ’17, Not So Lucky at the Love Parade 
Studied in Florence, Italy

“This photo was taken in Verona, Italy, at the Verona in Love parade. It was the day before Valentine’s Day, and we decided to visit the city of love. We had only planned to see Juliet’s balcony and leave letters on her wall. But after we posted our letters, we discovered an amazing parade in the city center. A huge part of the parade was to throw confetti, as shown in the picture. The parade lasted several hours, our entire time in Verona.”

Weaving with Saturnina

Culture—Honorable Mention

Lauren Beeles ’17, Weaving with Saturnina 
Studied in Huilloc, Peru

“Saturnina was teaching me how to weave like she does—she is one of the most skilled weavers in the entire town, so I was learning from the best.”

Horizon in Lisbon

Landscape—First Place

Victoria Genova ’16, Horizon in Lisbon 
Studied in Valencia, Spain

“While studying abroad in Spain, I joined a student organization called Erasmus. This organization facilitated events and trips for college students throughout Europe. My friends and I signed up for a four-day-long bus trip through Spanish and Portuguese cities. This photograph was taken from atop a beautiful hostel in Lisbon, Portugal. We arrived around sunset, and that night went dancing with the other college students staying at the hostel. This photo is a snapshot memory of one of the best experiences of my life.”

Capturing Every Moment

Landscape—Second Place

Hannah Mang ’17, Capturing Every Moment  
Studied in Cork, Ireland

“This photo was taken on a trip with University College Cork (UCC) students around the Ring of Kerry, Ireland. It shows one of Ireland’s many ringforts, which are enclosed farmsteads built in the early medieval period.”

Birds in Flight

Landscape—Third Place

Jocelyn Hellested ’17, Birds in Flight 
Studied in Valencia, Spain

“This photo was taken at the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, Switzerland, while I was hiking and exploring the area.”


Landscape—Honorable Mention

Ally Kadin ’17, Someday 
Studied in Florence, Italy

“This photo was taken in Capri, Italy, as we were leaving this beautiful city on the ferry back to our hotel. My friends and I were discussing how we dreamed of coming back here or living in one of the houses on the mountain.”

Cinque Terre

Landscape—Honorable Mention

Leah Brown ’18, Cinque Terre 
Studied in Salzburg, Austria

“This photo was taken on a weekend trip to Cinque Terre, Italy.”

Musical Connection

Portrait—First Place

Emily O’Sullivan ’17Musical Connection
Studied in Jamaica

“A man, both blind and deaf, smiles in response to holding hands and feeling the musical vibrations while a group of students sing and play Jamaican folk tunes on a music therapy service project. The picture was taken at the infirmary in Portland Parish, Jamaica, a facility that houses and cares for individuals in need of both physical and/or mental health services.”

Brunch with Friends

Portrait—Second Place

Hannah Mang ’17, Brunch with Friends  
Studied in Cork, Ireland

“Weeks into our semester abroad, a group of friends and I ventured to the historic port and fishing town of Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland. The photo was taken at Mother Hubbard’s Café located in the center of Kinsale.”

Mi familia de Huilloc

Portrait—Third Place

Lauren Beeles ’17Mi familia de Huilloc
Studied in Huilloc, Peru

“I had just arrived in a small town called Huilloc, and my host mother, Saturnina, was taking me to a small field to help her tend to their cattle.”

Smiles All Around

Spirit—First Place

Morgan Lowry-Sommers ’16Smiles All Around
Studied in Ethiopia

“This photo was taken at Yekatit 23, a local school in Ethiopia that offers education for the deaf. The children and I were taking a lunch break, and they were fascinated by my camera and the ability to capture time in a picture. This picture was the end product of their curiosity: a still that shows happiness, friendship, and partnership.”

The Golden Flyer Takes on Roma

Spirit—Second Place

Ally Kadin ’17, The Golden Flyer Takes on Roma 
Studied in Florence, Italy

“This photo was taken in Tivoli, Italy, right outside Rome. The Villa Deste is where parts of The Lizzie McGuire Movie were filmed (when Paolo takes Lizzie to run on the ledge). When I was younger and first watched the movie, I had dreamed of being able to run through the waterfall.”

Bummin’ Around the South of France

Spirit—Third Place

Sara Edell ’17, Bummin’ Around the South of France 
Studied in Florence, Italy

“This photo was taken in Cannes, France. There is nothing better than you and your girlfriends at the beach on a sunny day in the French Riviera.”

Mediterranean Summer Colors

People’s Choice Award

Sara Edell ’17, Mediterranean Summer Colors 
Studied in Florence, Italy

“This photo is the village of Vernazza, Italy. Vernazza is one of the five beautiful coastal towns of the magnificent Cinque Terre, literally meaning Five Lands. Every village is unique and the scenic views are breathtaking (along with the plunging hike to take the photograph).”​