Nazareth in the World

world map of Nazareth's reach

Together, Nazareth alumni and students cover much of the globe (countries in purple).

Citizens of the World

Nazareth’s international reach continues to expand

Nazareth has long believed in the importance of an international education, and its alumni and student body prove it. “As Nazareth’s global awareness has grown, our commitment to international education has strengthened, and alumni have expanded their reach around the world,” says Donna Borgus ’13G, director of alumni relations. “They continue to maintain their connection to their alma mater no matter where they go, and we’re grateful for the worldwide connections they give to the College.”

The College understands the power of travel and immersion in other cultures. For many years, language houses for Italian, French, and Spanish have served not only Nazareth students but also the respective ethnic communities of the Greater Rochester area. Since 2002, the Center for International Education (CIE) has provided study-abroad opportunities for Nazareth students as well as services for international students studying at Nazareth. The CIE also houses the English Language Institute, which continually brings foreign students to campus, both bolstering the international atmosphere and helping Nazareth students improve their global competency. Nazareth’s students have an impressive and consistent number of Fulbright Scholarships to their credit; in 2012, the College ranked first in the nation in its category. Since 1990, ten Nazareth faculty have been awarded Fulbright fellowships.

Today, Nazareth remains committed to educating students to become citizens of the world.

world map of alumni


The powerful global network of active Nazareth alumni currently spans more than 40 countries.

world map of students abroad

Students Abroad

Nazareth students explored more than 20 countries during their studies abroad last year.

world map of foreign students

International Students

Nazareth students last year hailed from nearly 30 countries throughout the world.