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Saturday Art School

Saturday Art School is an enrichment program in the visual arts for children in grades Pre-K to 12. Classes meet in the Nazareth College Arts Center building, upper level, on Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. This semester, the topic will be:

Communication: to interchange thoughts, feelings, and information
We communicate our understanding of the world in a variety of ways—verbal, visual, embodied, musical, spatially. To communicate is to imagine, envision, share, and connect.  We transmediate our knowing and understanding from one mode of communication to another everyday—we are multimodal. Moreover, to communicate, our utterances must be heard and understand by those we interact with and we must also receive and interpret other’s utterances. Communication is an event. 

Fall 2015 Classes

  • Day 1: Sept. 26
  • Day 2: Oct. 3
  • Day 3: Oct. 10
  • Day 4: Oct. 17
  • Day 5: Oct. 24
  • Day 6: Oct. 31
  • Day 7: Nov. 7 - Exhibit Day! (Class from 10-11 and exhibit from 11-11:30)
  • Day 8: Nov. 14


  • Registration will take place from Sept. 8 (9 am) to Sept. 18 (3 pm).
  • The link to register online (preferred method) will be provided here when registration is open. Online registration happens live, so you'll know immediately whether your child is in.
  • Download registration form and flyer
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Many people register online in the first hour of the registration period. Thus, registrations processed manually are not guaranteed to secure a spot.

Class sizes are limited. Classes are filled by the order in which registration and payments are received. All payments are non-refundable.

Contact Information

Samantha Nolte-Yupari

Samantha Nolte-Yupari

Assistant Professor & Director of the Art Education Program in Art
Arts Center 170B