Art & Design Portfolio Tips

Tips from Mitch Messina, art and design professor, who reviews art portfolios:

  • Be yourself. Every student and every portfolio is different and individual. No two portfolios will or should look the same; they reflect the fact that no high school programs are the same in terms of preparation.
  • You are encouraged to submit your best work and to try to demonstrate that you have some understanding of foundations and principles of art.
  • The portfolio review is not intended to exclude students from attending Nazareth. Instead, think of it as a way of ensuring that you have the tools for success, not unlike the way that your school transcript indicates that you are academically ready and prepared to enter college.
  • The Art and Design Department wants every student to succeed and not struggle. If the department feels that you need more work to prepare for the rigor of college work, we can give that advice as a recommendation before entering the college and department.
  • The portfolio review also gives the Art and Design Department an opportunity to recognize special talent and dedication to the art field with a talent scholarship that would not be recognized in the traditional academic transcript.
Mitch Messina

Mitch Messina