Field and clinical experiences are built into health, social work, and education degree programs.

Health and social work degrees

  • On campus, you can provide hands-on care to clients in Nazareth's new York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute. This world-class work environment for students and faculty also supports the College's mission of assisting underserved populations.
  • Off campus, you will do clinical work in hospitals, nonprofit organizations, social service agencies, or health care facilities.
  • Nazareth has partnerships all across the country and even abroad: Physical therapy students proficient in French can complete a full-time clinical education placement at IFPEK Institute in Rennes, France, with the added benefit of learning about another country's health care system.

Teaching degrees

  • Nazareth pioneered teaching courses on-site in local primary and elementary public schools, in the same school buildings as fieldwork, helping you make immediate connections between theory and practice throughout the program.
  • For formal fieldwork, you'll be placed in a variety of settings, including urban, rural, and suburban schools, enabling you to learn from different environments and to expand your network for job placement.
  • Your student teaching experiences include both your area of focus and inclusion (special education).
  • Many education students do five to six fieldwork placements, compared to three at most colleges, gaining broader exposure to classrooms, educators, and teaching styles.
  • In addition to formal student teaching experiences, you have opportunities to learn about education in urban schools through Nazareth's Frontier Center for Urban Education.


    Physical therapy students begin clinical experience as soon as freshman year.
    OT students work with clients ranging from infants to elderly adults.
    Education students get extensive classroom experience at urban, rural, and suburban schools.
    Music therapy students do four pre-clinical practicum placements and an internship.

    Experiential Learning

    Fieldwork and clinical education are one way that students fulfill the experiential learning core requirement at Nazareth College. Learn more.